June 26, 2017


Trelew Parque 2


Elder Cole

week 6

Hey guys so thi s was another wet week in the Patagonia. Unfortunately i havent seen anymore sno we have seen lots more rain! It was kind of ugly all week bu tit rained for the most part of thursday all of friday saturday and sunday. It made working just not very much fun but it was still full of blessings. I was on divisions with our Zone Leaders and we were contacting through their area when we stopped to pray on a corner and the contacted the first house and found a family that was a part member less active family. We are doing the inicitive of Flood the Patagonia witht he BoM so we were contacting using the book of mormon. I was talking to her and she told me she was a member but doesnt go to church. We asked her if she had a book of mormon and if she has read it recently. She said she had one but hasnt read in a long time. We asked her if we could read with her for a little bit. She was just leaving but we were able to set a time to go back and read with her. She was super nice and told us she really missed the feelings she felt while reading the BoM.

The other miracle that happened was this sunday. One of the members brought his neighbor to church a few weeks ago and he has been coming now for three weeks. Tis week he brought his son to curch with him and they both seemed to love it! We are going to be going over tomorrow to talk to them more and hopefuly put a baptismal date with the two of them! They both seem so different than the othe investigators i have ever had. I cant explain it but they just seem different, more prepared maybe.

Anyway i love working here in Trelew and in the Patagonia. The truth is i wouldnt want to be in any other place in the world! I love the patagonia and the people that are here! I LOVE MY MISSION!!!


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