May 9, 2017


Trelew Parque 2


Elder Cole

Aguante Parque!!

So this week was really awesome because we were able to find that family that the dog led us to and they came to the baptism! Both his daughters and all his grandkids came to the baptism. In total they were 14 people from his family that came. Not only that but one of our other investigators came and also a ton of members. Our room for the baptismal font was completely full and standing room only. The Whole service was way awesome and you could feel te spirit so strong! Then we had a great Fast and Testimony meeting and our baptism got up and bore his testimony and also one of our other investigators that came to church! It was way awesome!

This Saturday when we were filling the baptismal font we realized the water was never going to fill up in time with the faucet from the front so we hooked up a hose to a sink and began filling witht hat too. In the end we ended up having to pump in a ton of cold water so i t would fill up faster anyway. I never touched the water but i also never heard any complaints so i think it turned out ok. It was amazing to listen to the testimony our baptism had after this experience. He said when he was below the water he felt a tremendous peace and when he came up he felt like a huge weight had been lifted from his shoulders. He is 58 years old and used to be a profesional boxer and is a super dope person! I am so happy to be able to meet and get to know him!

This week we tried extra hard to get a few more lessons and investigators and we spent a lot of time contacting. In all we ended up short of our goal of lessons but even in that we worked hard and did what we could and i saw the blessing from our hard work! We were able to commit a girl to baptism that juast hasnt really wanted to before but we taught her the restoration and she told us she realized that this is something she really needs to do and wants to do now! I was so happy for her! She even came to church Sunday with her family and when we saw them waking up the front steps my comp and i litteraly celebrated in the hallway of the church and our bishopric thought it was pretty funny ha. I never thought i would find such happiness in things like that but i can say that i have never felt more happy than when the people accept and learn the gospel and when we can really see the change they go through!

I love serving the Lod especially here i the Patagonia in the Mission Comodoro Rivadavia. I LOVE IT!!!


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