May 2, 2017


Sarmiento Chubut Argentina


Elder Cole


This week was crazy!! In 3 days we had 3 families come to us asking to come teach their kids so they can get baptised. All of these kids are older than 9 so they would all count as baptisms for the mission so that was miracle number 1!!

The next miracle takes a bit of explaining. So we have an invetigator named Nazario that is going to be baptised this coming Saturday. He has demensia but is an absolute stud! A while ago he tried to explain to us where his daughter lives so we could pass by and talk to her as well. We looked every day for a week and contacted over 60 houses just trying to find this girl and we only found where she used to live. One of these days we saw one of his dogs walking through the street a long ways from his house. We thought she might have gotten lost so we tried to call her over but she just ran off. So as we were in his house Saturday we told him that we had seen Dory (his dog) all the way down town and he laughed and said yeah because she knows how to get to his daughters house and always just goes over by herself. We just kinda laughed and moved on to the next topic.

Yesterday we tried to go talk with Nazario but he wasnt home. We didnt know what to do so we just started asking the dogs what to do. Dory just layed down at our feet so we took that as we should take the siesta. We asked her again and she just got up and started walking down the road. At this point i was just joking around and i said maybe we follow the dog to Nazarios daughters house. The dog just kept trotting off but kept looking back making sure we were there. After following this dog for about 20 minutes it stopped in front of a group of 3 houses. We just kind of said what the heck and started contacting the doors. The first two nobody came out but the third door a little girl came out. I asked her if a Flavia lived here(Nazarios daughter). She said yes but she was in the bathroom. We asked if she knew a man named Nazario. She told us yes that was her grandpa. We left them with a pass along card and set up a time to come back. We left in amazement!! We followed a dog to find a persons house!

I hope everyone is enjoying the new snow that fell!! Stay safe and have a great week!!


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