April 24, 2017


Sarmiento Chubut Argentina


Elder Cole

What a wild week

So just an update on Parque. We are going on almost 2 weeks without water here in the northern Patagonia. I think i have shower 3 times total in the last 2 weeks. But it is ok because the AXE here is really strong stuff haha.

So yesterday was a little bit funny because after we dropped my comp off at the terminal to go to Comodoro, i went with elders texeira an tonti to a service project. We help one of their investigators move. So we moved eveything pretty quick and then it cam to the dreaded......Piano.(imagine me with a frowning crying face) So just a quick role call on who was there. Myself, Elder Tonti, Elder Texeira, a recent convert named Abel, a family friend of the investigator, Hermana Austin, and Hermana Perez. Then on top of that the investigator and his wife but the were both more than 80 years old so yeah. So we got everything moved then the only thing left was the maldito piano. This thing was easily 100 years old and heavier than weight can describe. So The Hermanas were in the new house with the old lady organizing and us men were left with the piano. We got all 5 of the able bodied men on one end of the piano and we got it maybe a half inch off the ground. We finally got it into the truck and then the problem was getting it out of the truck. We were able to do it without any injuries but there was quite the scene outside the new house with a guy that told us that it only weighed a few hundred pounds and that we could lift it easily with a couple guys. I sent the video of that one. If you look closely in the video you can see that i am trying really hard to just keep my head in my sleeve and not laugh cause this guy was a little crazy ha.

Anyway this week was pretty fun really we went contacting a ton and i honestly love contacting mostly cause i love speaking spanish ha! We contacted this one house and a guy came out and told us he didnt really believe in god or anything. I can honestly say that in a contact i have never felt more inspired in what i said nor have i felt the spirit so strong in the street. I testified that there really is a god and he is our heavenly father and that he loves us very much and has a grand plan for each one of us and that he wants that we learn this plan and follow it. As i finished i felt very satisfied with what i had said and thought for sure we were going to get in the door. As i finished that thought he just shut the door in our face. I turned to my comp and we walked around the corner and we both just started laughing. We had no idea why but we just started laughing. That is when i realized how i am almost inhumanly used to rejection.

I actually had a really fun week even though not much happened. I am loving my new are and my new companion. It has been really fun though with two gringos that basically have the same time in the mission. We sometimes just have no idea what is being said haha. between the two of us we understand almost all but there are still times when my spanish decides to go on vacation ha.

I Love you guys and i hope you are all staying safe and enjoying life!


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