April 3, 2017


Sarmiento Chubut Argentina


Elder Alegra

Rain Rain Go Away

Well i am alive!

For those who havent heard, almost all of Argentina was under water this last week. Luckily where i am at in Caleta didnt get hit too hard and there werent any major disasters. There were more than a few lakes and rivers in the street and many peoples houses flooded but for the most part everyone came out ok. In Comodoro however there is another story. The missionaries that are in Comodoro right now havent even watched General Conference because they have been in the streets cleaning up and helping with the recovery efforts. Obviously this was a disaster and ruined a lot of peoples lives and homes but it was a testimony for me to see how everyone really just came together to help each other out. There is a group of men in Comodoro that is an off-road adventures group. They basically go mudding and wreak havoc all over Comodoro. They have had several issues with the police and nobody really appreciates andything they do.

This week when Comodoro was flooding and people were getting washed away in torrents of water this group went driving through the streets towing out cars pulling out people and helping and saving the lives of many people. For me that was a very cool thing to see. It also made me think alot about the talk that was givin in Conference by Elder Bragg. Even though this group didnt have the greatest reputation they felt the desire to help and they helped lots of people. That came because of the light of Christ. Everyone has it! It is a light that cannot be hid! We are the city on the hill so let your light SHINE!!

This General Conference was full of miracles but the one i want to focus on is the talk from Elder Costa. He spoke directly to investigators! We could not get 1 single investigator to come to conference until this session! We had 4 investigators in the chapel listening to this talk. I was in another room with some other people who wanted to watch in English. When he began his talk by saying I want to speak to all you investigators who may be listening. I was on the verge of crying! I listened intently and realized that his talk wasnt just for those investigators but for all! What is that we all have to do before getting baptised? Gain a testimony no...
So once we have a testimony what d we have to do? Exactly what President Monson said! KEEP IT ALIVE!!
I invite all of you to keep your testimony alive! For you that may not feel like you have one GET ONE! It is super easy, PRAY then you have to look. If you guys pray and study the scriptures and pray and study and pray one more time. you will have your testimony. Once you get it rinse and repeat! It is the same cycle to gain as it is to maintain!

Gaining a testimony and keeping it alive is one of the best guides you can have in this life! Because with your testimony you will have gained a testimony of he spirit because that is how it is confirmed! The Spirit the is your guide! "Be a spiritual first responder!!"

I know with al my heart that the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ is on the earth and it is taught in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It is taught only in this church because the authority has been restored by heavenly messangers to Joseph Smith and passed on to all worthy men of this church. I know that today we have a Prophet of God in Thomas S Monson and i KNOW that Christ is our savior, redeemer and brother. He is fighting along side us in all times and when we get tired its ok cause he will step in front to allow us to rest. BUT only if we ask!

I love you all thank you so much for everything you all have done for me! I hope you all have a great week!!


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