March 20, 2017


Sarmiento Chubut Argentina


Elder Alegra

Weird things!!

Well where do i even start?
How about last Monday. Remember Fernando? Well we had the lesson with him last week and it was interesting to say the least. We got to the church and he was waiting for us outside the gate. He looked very happy and everything seemed normal. We went inside and said a prayer and began teaching a little about baptism. He had been reading in the book of mormon and had a few questions which we answered. 10 minutes into the lesson he interrupted me and said "I need to pray in private." I was a little confused but said ok and offered a classroom. He said no that this was our church and that he will go outside. So he got up and he left.

So 45 minutes later he came back. He had a crazy look in his eye and was acting a little weird. We sat back down and i asked him how it went. He didnt answer but put his Brazilian bible in my hand and told me to read. He was reading in 1 Kings chapter 21. I would encourage you do go read it, but dont take it as to much doctrine haha. He asked me to explain what was happening in this chapter. I explained the best i could. My comp didnt want to talk so i was teaching solo so that didnt help ha. It was getting close to 9 pm so i said that we needed to get going and if we could end with a prayer. He told me "Yes Yes i need to pray." He then started moaning and grabbing his stomach. He then got up and walked out of the main chaple area moaning and holding his stomach. i then directed him to the bathroom where he began to scream and shout but neither my comp or i understood what he was saying or if it was even words. We both got a little scared that he might have been on drugs so we called Carlitos. He is leaving for the mission tomorrow but was our Branch Mission Leader. He came and helped helped us get the courage to walk in and get him out. Right as we were going to go in he came walking out with that look of anger and hatred and just stared me down. I have his face burned into my head. He came out and told us that there wasnt anything fun and he felt empty. Nobody knew how to answer so we just directed him outside.

So yeah that was the most exciting part of the week but i learned a lot this week. I have learned that it doesnt matter what trial we may experience if we fight well and do what it is the God has asked we always come out on top. God loves every single one of us and knows what is best. It may be hard to accept what comes if it isnt exactly what we want but it is always what God knows is best for you!

I know that this is the only true church on the earth and that God has a great and marvelous plan for all of us individualy. God always wins so why not jump on that Bandwagon!!


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