March 13, 2017


Sarmiento Chubut Argentina


Elder Alegra

UHHH Good Question??

Hello eveyone! This week has been filled with adventures! We went contacting through the sketchy part of our area again to find a less active. It was actually something amazing!

So this lady is 27 years old and has a 9 year old daughter. She got baptized a year ago with her daughter but went inactive shortly after. She then contacted a member and asked him to send the missionaries to her house. She is pregnant again and looks like she only has 1 or maybe 2 months. When we got there she asked us for a blessing of comfort. While giving the blessing i felt like i needed to bless her baby boy with the strength to grow and that if she needs to go to the doctor they will know what they need to do and can do it. When i finished the blessing she asked me how i knew. I asked her what she was talking about and she began to tell us that she is due in the next few weeks and that her baby hadnt formed corectly and the doctors werent sure what they could do more. The spirit immediatly filled the room and i could feel that i had truely been guided in that blessing.

the next crazy thing that happened was saturday. We were walking to the church and a man followed us for a few blocks. We got the church and when we got there this same guy was inside. The other missionaries were already teaching him so we just got ready for our meeting with the branch mission leader. The other elders got done and came into the meeting. They gave us all his information since he lives in our area. We left the meeting and didnt think twice. The man came to church and we greeted him and sat with him during church. During our classes he answered questions and was involved in everything. During the preisthood meeting things got interesting. He stopped everything in the middle of the class and started testifying that this gospel is true and that we are members of the truest church on the earth. After this we realized that this man is a little crazy. Church ended and everyone left, we got a call at 7 that this man was still outside praying to find an answer. We went and talked to him and he was really nervous. He was acting really paraniod and we couldnt get much out of him. We had to leave again so we told him we would meet today.

Well i found the crazy and the crazier already here in caleta and i am loving it!!


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