February 27, 2017


Sarmiento Chubut Argentina


Elder Alegra

Further South!!!

Hello everyone i am now in the big city of Caleta Olivia. It is about 45 minutes south of Comodoro!!

It is super wierd to see that it is snowing again! Hopefully you guys dont flood anymore!

I am sure that easton was very sad to haveto take that dog in.. surely for the better!

Oh how i miss baseball!! The other day i did a little workout with the leg drills for catcher and i almost died! But it made me miss it a little more!! I hope the tournaments go well and you guys have success.

Easton you are so big now! I cant believe you are already turning 12! This starts your life of responsibility and as we say in castellano..... a ful de pruebas!! I promise you will also grow to miss primary!!

Hunter good job with the scripture! You will find that this is the problem most common of all! Where did you find that scripture??

I dont have much to write about either except an asado, an eclipse, and new area!! I got an asado as a going away present from the branch president! I ate probably half of an 11kg lamb!! During our classes on sunday our branch president called for a break and we all went outside to find darkness, cold and the moon completely covering the sun!!

I still dont have pictures because i have no way to upload them still but i will be trying!

I love you guys so much!!! I hope you all have a great week!!
Love You All!!!!


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