February 20, 2017


Sarmiento Chubut Argentina


Elder Costa

My last week....maybe!

Well it is super weird to think that i am in week 6 of my 4th transfer here in Argentina and almost 7 months into my mission. It has been a great experience up to now and i am sure it will only get better!! I have been able to study the scriptures and pray more than any other time in my life and i have loved every second. I have learned a ton of things and really have felt a lot closer to my Heavenly Father. This week i was reading in the Book of Mormon and specifically in 1 nephi the first 11 chapters. I read a lot about the Iron Rod and thought a lot about how we can apply in our lifes. The obvious is that it is the Gospel and we need to hold fast to it but there is a lot more to it than just that. We can use the Iron Rod for a lot of things. The gospel, the commandment, the laws, and even our families. Now you might be thinking how on earth can our families be the iron rod?? Take a step back and think... What will always be apart of our lives? Obvioudsly the gospel of jesus christ but what else.. Our families, if we dont have families we dont exist! As the saying goes "Safety in numbers" if we stick with our families through everything and hold tight to them, they will help guide us through that mist.

In my mission so far i havent experienced everything not even close. I have seen however that the greatest weakness that the people have here are there families. When i say weakness i mean that they dont have much family structure. I have met a lot of people 18 19 years old that have 2 kids live with their boyfriend or girlfriend and have no idea who their mom or dad is. It is really sad to see all these people that really are lost in this life because they dont have the family to support them. What i am trying to get out of this is love your family! Be gratefull for what you have even if your brothers are super annoying and you just want to use them as a punching bag(not that i speak from experience😉). Either way be gratefull because you never know when you might need them most!

So crazy things that happened for me this week! Oh where to start... Yesterday we walked to a less active member before church to invite him. As we got closer to his house we saw two men pushing and shoving each other on the other side of the street. As we got closer we realized that one of the men was an investigator that we found a couple weeks ago. We quickly walked around the corner to avoid any kind of problems since they were both drunk. The less active wasnt home so we started walking back to the church. There is only one way in and out of this part of town so we had to go back past these guys. When we turned the corner one of the guys had his hands behind his back and his cheeks turned up just begging to get knocked out. Another person came running out of their house to try to break it up but that just made it worse. Our investigatot threw a punch and connected pretty good but the other guy had a good 100 pounds on him and it didnt do much. Luckily right when all that started the police showed up and arrested them both. So what a way to start off the sabeth day ehh..

We did however find one of our other investigators and had a really good lesson with her. She is 50 years old and we are teaching her and her 11 year old daughter. She is a Zumba instructor as well as other fitness classes. She is a great investigator except the fact she just lacks the need to go to church. She loves reading the book of mormon with us and reads a ton on her own. Every time we go to her house she talks with us for about 5 seconds then starts begging to read the book of mormon. We read a little about the plan of salvation in 2 nephi 9. It is a super complicated chapter for someone just learning but she understood really well.

I love each one of you and i jope you all stay safe in everything you do. Know that there are prayers being offered in you behalf every day whether its from your own family me or another source! thank you guys for everything you have done for me and the things you all have taught me!


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