February 13, 2017


Sarmiento Chubut Argentina


Elder Costa

Hola Todos!

So i realized there might have been a bit of confusion with the title of my last letter. Copado is only used Argentina but it means, "Cool, Sick, Dope, Awesome."

So sorry i didnt write last week i had the email all typed out and forgot to push send. It wasnt very exciting anyway haha.

This week it was really hot again so we went to the local Ice Cream shop. We were standing in line waiting to order and a little kid came running up. This is the converstation that followed.
Little Kid, "Hey!!!"
Me, "Hey how are you!"
Little Kid, "Are you guys from the police or something?"
Me, (After a good 30 seconds of laughing)"Almost"
after that the kid ran away.

It was really funny though this week cause i realized that we really do get regonized! The first thing that happened was Friday. We left the pension in the morning at 11 when we cam back at 1 for lunch someone had writen on one of the brick posts in front of our pension. I am not going to type what was writen but it started with Gringo and ended with a 3 words i will leave to the immagination.

Sunday we went and visited a few people with our Branch President. As we were walking a couple guys were walking towards us. They were obiously very drunk and as we passed they said,"Hey Mormons hows it going!" Then about 30 minutes later another drunk stopped us an asked if we were from a church.

I dont know if it is the same in all missions but we seem to have a very high concentration of drunks haha!

This week was really awesome becuase we got to sit down and have a really good lesson with an investigator. We started talking about the first vision and when she read to first vision she was almost in tears and told us she knew that it was true. She unfortunately had to travel up to Trelew for the weekend and we havent been able to talk to her again but we are praying!!

I have an amazing week and i have been trying my best to get better every day. I really enjoyed the lesson from President Hinckley yesterday that really told us to give thanks for everything we have. Every day we have to live and serve the lord! I am so gratefull for these two years i have to serve the lord and i dont want to be in any other place! The time is flying by and i cant believe i already have 6 months under my belt! I feel like i have been here a few days no mas. I have learned so much and every day is a new adventure!

I love you guys and hope you are all safe with all the flooding and staying dry ha! I love you!!! Have A great week!


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