January 2, 2017


Sarmiento Chubut Argentina


Elder Costa

Feliz Ano Nuevo!!

I cant elieve we are already in 2017. This last year has been so awesome and has been full of suprises. In the spring I recieved my mission call and i can promise it is 100% different than what i had in mind! I graduated from High School and I left the United States for the first time in my life. Not only did I leave but I was sent to a country to speak a language i didnt know! In a matter of 3 months I learned a language and now i have a brazilian comp and i dont ever speak english!

If someone had told that all of this was going to happen within a year I would have laughed and told them they were crazy.

This last week was the best week I have had a missionary so far! We didnt have very many people to teach so we decided to contact more and teach in the contacts. We did a full day of contacts on Saturday and that was way cool! Friday was the miracle of the week! We were contacting out in the ghettos of Sarmiento a good 15 minutes walk from the rest of town. My comp and I both had to use the bathroom really bad, so we decided to contact one last street. The second house of this street turned out to be the last but the best. Following Preach My Gospel, my comp asked the man that came out what was most important in his life. He told us that it was God. We began to talk to him about God when all of the sudden another man came out the house. Usually when this happens its not good so i thought oh great here we go. The second man interrupted us all and said, "These mormons are the studs of the earth, this church is the only true church on this earth and i want to be baptised!" I was in shock! I had no idea what to say and my comp either. He then told us that he was from Chile and his brother was baptised a while ago but then died within a few weeks. He had a dream that the Elder that baptised his brother was baptising him. Unfdortunately this elder finished his mission the day before he had this dream. He has been trying to find this Elder ever since. He has saved his money and bought his passport and wants to go search the united states to find this elder. He lives in Castro, Chile and described the Elder to be tall, blonde, skinny, big ears and a basketball player. My first thought was Dustin Elliott! We ended up setting a time to come back and teach again and walking to the pension. We were super sonfused at what had just happened and neither one of us could do anything but smile!

This whole week we found 9 new inestigators. In one week we found more than my whole last transfer combined! The blessings are raining down!!

This new year i want you guys to always remember that the lord is on your side! Everything that happens is to make us stronger and will only help us unless we let it destroy us. I have seen the blessings from God more abundantly than ever before and i am eternaly gratefull for that.

I love you guys and hope you have a great year!


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