January 9, 2017


Sarmiento Chubut Argentina


Elder Costa

what a week!!

Thi sweek is going to be really short because not much happened. We experienced a lot of miracles this week and really have seen the hand of God in our lives.

This week in Sarmiento our first counselor passed away due to a surgery that got screwed up by the doctors. All of Friday and Saturday we were with the fmaily of this memeber and had to do everything for his service.

Friday when we found out that he had passed away I had an absolutely incredible experience. When our stake president called us and informed us i immediatley saw this member hugging my Great Grandma Vaughn. I then heard the words, "You have an eternal friend and helper." I couldnt help but smile and when I shook hands with the wife of this member she told me that she knows that he has her by the hand and is guiding her down the road. This member was 83 years old and was the first member of the church in Sarmiento. He was litteraly the pioneer of this town. there were almost 150 people at his funeral. That right there will tell you the kind of man he was.

I realized more than ever this week the love that our Heavenly Father has for each one of us and that his love is endless. I want every one of you to know that he is there! He is always there and it is only when we shut him out that we dont feel him. He is always at the door but the door only opens from the inside!

I love you guys and i know what i am doing is not for my own personal gain or for the recognition. I know what I am doing id the work of the lord and that each one of his children deserves to find the happiness that i have recieved from this gospel. Thank you for everything each one of you has done for me. I love you all!!


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