December 19, 2016


Sarmiento Chubut Argentina


Elder Costa


Hey guys I cant believe its only a week from Christmas! It has gone by so fast its insane. I dont feel like it is Christmas time, mostly because there is no snow! I have been dying of heat for the last few days and it just isnt giving me the Christmas vibe ha. It just isnt the same without snow.

It also isnt the same since not very many people have christmas trees. All the missionaries have one but i have seen only 2 or maybe 3 other house with trees. I miss shoveling snow. Dont tell my dad! Mostly i miss driving the four wheeler but that made plowing fun so!!

This week was super crazy! Our Branch President is visiting his family in Salta right now so we only have the 1st counselor and me so we had to plan with just the two of us but it was easy since we already planned the month!

We had to go to the tourist center and get a few maps. Tomorrow we finally are going to have what we call a tsunami in Sarmiento. All the missionaries from our district are going to come to Sarmiento and divide up and work all day in Sarmiento. This was extremely terrible in the sense of, my comp still doesnt know the area very well so he just wanted to split the city into 4 equal squares and call it good. It took me a while to explain why that was a bad idea. In the center of town there is a plaza where everyone just goes to hang out. Around that for about 4 blocks in all directions is all stores and bakeries. Then more than half of the main road and the road our pension is on is the same way. On top of that there are a lot of spots were its just a field or a big builidng. We also have an area called Barrio Progresso. Its a good 10 minute walk outside the city so we have to plan the are for that too. Then president wanted us to make the area for the hermanas the safer area. So I had remember what has happened in each part of town. It is a blessing and a curse to have tsunamis in your area! But I am super excited because the last time they did this they found 17 new investigators and had a ton of success. So i am super excited!!

The rest of the week was pretty good. We found 5 new investigators and talked to a lot of people. We unfortunately broke our bikes though. I have a video of my bike, but what happened? My pedal broke off. I was just pedaling along and my foot slipped. When I looked down I realized that there was no pedal. So that was good then The other bikes brakes broke. So it was just another week in the mission.

I am so excited to finish out te year here in Argentina! It has been a crazy 4 months and i am super excited for the next year! I hope everyone is staying safe with all the snow and everyone is havinf a great Christmas season! I love you guys!! Merry Christmas!


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