December 12, 2016


Sarmiento Chubut Argentina


Elder Costa

What a week!!

Well hello again. I feel like i just wrote yesterday but its already been a week. So last week was way crazy. My comp didnt get to Comodoro until Thursday morning. So we ended up staying till Friday since we had a Zone meeting. Thursday we spent a lot of the day in the Mission Office. It was pretty fun since all the hijos and hijas were there. Here in Argentina we call greenies Hijos and hijas(Sons and daughters) and the trainers are mama and papa. I dont know for sure what it is for Hermanas but for elder if you have 2 trainers, meaning you have your first transfer with one and your second with another, the first one is your dad and the second is your mom. If you have the same trainer for two transfers then he is your mom and dad. Anyway, we were there when they had lunch and we got invited to eat with them. I was talking with my comp and one of the other trainers in spanish and one of the hijos asked me, "De donde es usted elder?" That means where are you from. I said, "Soy de Idaho." That means im from Idaho. The kid then goes "are you kidding me I thought you were latino!" As good as that made me feel I am not that good at spanish yet haha. I can understand what people tell me and I can have a basic conversation but I am in no way shape or form "fluent." I just laughed and said "no i still have a long way to go for that." But that made me realize how blessed i really am. I have been able to learn pretty fast and I cant say that is 100% God and 0% me! I would not have learned so fast if i wasnt a missionary! The Gift of Tongues is something I thought was a 2 year process and the day before i go home is when i will be able to talk. The truth is that it is something that every missionary is a walking example of. Just the fact that I can understand the people here is a miracle!

Friday afternoon we finally got to Sarmiento. Almost a full week in Comodoro and I am finally in my own area!! We worked hard and did our best but not very many people were home. We did though get the chance to pass by Bianca. She is 15 and speaks english really well. We were able to talk to her and her dad for about 40 minutes. I talked to Bianca in my now broken English. It was almost sad how hard it was for me to speak english to this girl. She asked me a question that a little longer answer and I answered in spanish before i realized i was speaking in spanish. It was fun to talk to her though cause it was the first time i had spoken english in almost 3 days.

This week was crazy and i am excited for a full week of work here in sarmiento! I love you all and I hope you are having a great christmas season!! FELIZ NAVIDAD!!


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