November 14, 2016


Sarmiento Chubut Argentina


Elder Bunker

We Got Contacted

This week we decided that we needed to focus more on finding new investigators. So we worked really hard on contacting and finding as many people as we could. We worked our butts off and contacted for almost 3 hours each day. We werent finding anyone but kept working really hard. Then on Saturday we were walking through Centro(All 2 blocks of it!!) when a lady came out of a store and stopped us. She told us to come back a little later because her and her friends wanted to know a little more about who we are and what we do. So we went back about an hour and a half later and ended up teaching them about the Book of Mormon. They really liked it and told us to come back anytime since they were always in the store. So we ended the week meeting our goal of 3 new investigators! It was super cool and showed me that if we do our part and really do everything we can God will help us with the rest!

I cant believe it is already halyway through my 2nd transfer in Argentina! My comp and I were talking about how wierd it is to be on a mission. How our whole life leads up to the mission and know its here and we are on our mission. For me it really doesnt feel like I am in another country. Even when I walk into a store and talk to people and buy things in Spanish, I havent left the states! It is so wierd I dont feel very far from home!

The coolest part about all of this is the fact that I am living in another language. I have a gringo comp but we speak as much spanish together as we do english! I can be speaking with him in english walk down the street and switch into spanish to talk to someone without even thinking about it. I LOVE IT!!!

One other Miracle happened yesterday as well. We dont have any food in te pension because its the end of the week and that means no money and the left over food from the week. As we came in the pension from church our dueño followed us in and gave us a bucket of meat! I mean a bucket of meat! Basically WE HAVE FOOD!!!! That is Gods hand for sure!

Thank you guys for all the support it means a lot!!


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