November 21, 2016


Sarmiento Chubut Argentina


Elder Bunker


Hello everyone! This week was pretty good for me. We found 3 new investigators, we got a free bike, we got flipped off twice, and we lit the stove on fire!

So the new investigators. We found 2 of them almost a full transfer ago. Sintia and Claudio are a couple we found almost 6 weeks ago. We taught them the Restoration and they really liked it. They told us they wanted to pray read and come to church before they committed to a baptismal date. They were just about to leave for the weekend so they didnt come yesterday but we will see.

The other one we also found a while ago but finally she was home. Laura is an older woman who is strongly Evangelical. We also taught her lesson 1 and she too was pretty receptive. She couldnt get through her head the whole baptism by someone who holds the proper AUTHORITY!! She just kept telling us she didnt need baptism again and all this so we just tolld her to pray and we will come back later. She prayed to end the lesson and said she was going to pray in her way. I was a little nervous but she did a very good prayer but then ended in the name of the father and of the son a nd of the holy ghost. We just left it at that and set up a return date.

We got the free bike from a member. The one that just stood up in the middle of lunch and called people. It is a little beat up but perfect for missionaries. One down One to go!

We got flipped off twice in two days by the same guy. I thought it was super funny haha. The second one came with some choice words that seems to be the only english most people know around here.

Then Sunday happened. It was a beautifull day, slight breeze 24 degrees (celcius) I taught one of the classes and my comp the other. Then we went home and cooked lunch. Bunker was making a cake and I was folding laundry while the noodles cooked. All of the sudden I heard, "AHHHH The stoves on fire!!!" I ran out to see flames coming out from under the pot. I turned the stove off then went for my camera. We needed to clean the stove since it hadnt been cleaned in a few... well transfers. All the crap stuck to the stove decided to light on fire. So that was fun. The noodles still tasted really good though!

We ended the day taking a cake to a recent convert whos sister was having her birthday. It was fun!!

Thank you guys for everything you have done for me! It has helped a ton! Keep pressing forward through all your trials! An Hermana gave a prayer in sacrament meeting this week and said "thank you for all my family friends and enemys" I realized later how significant that really is! This lady has had a rough life and has lost almost her whole family. But she is the most faithful member in this Branch. Receive your trails gratefully. If God didn't give you trails he doesn't trust you! He trusts all of you! I love you guys!


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