November 7, 2016


Sarmiento Chubut Argentina


Elder Bunker

Fishing!!! Oh and Wind! Oh and Dogs!!!

Hello everyone how is it going! I heard you guys had a monsoon at home so i hope all is good with that! The wind here was ridiculous, we couldnt even walk straight we just got pushed around town! You will have to ask my mom for the two videos I have. I hope you laugh as hard as I did at one of them. I was literally in tears!

Anyway this week was spent mostly in Comodoro. We spent last monday in Comodoro but came home that night. We worked tuesday throught thursday but got almost nothing done Thursday because the wind was so bad. Elder Bunker and I didnt say a word to each other all day mostly because it was so windy you couldnt hear if you wanted to. So contacting was turned into just walking around because not a single person could hear us clapping.

Friday we had to leave for Comodoro at 7 in the morning because it was elections for the Oil people. I cant think of the word in English but they are called petroleros. They are the more dangerous of the elections so we spent the day in the mission home. Then we were in Comodoro all day Saturday because we had Zone Conference. We did learn though that we are getting bikes for Sarmiento!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That made me really happy so this week we will be getting bikes!

Sunday was our best day as far as contacting goes but still wasnt the best. We contacted 16 people in an hour. In that one hour I learned a very valuable life lesson. Before you dismiss something know what you are talking about. This guy we talked ,well kinda talked, to came out and as soon as he saw us he just waved his hand and kinda puffed in disgust. My comp quickly asked if there was a reason why and he came back out and told us we were the worst religion on the planet because we dont allow blood transfusion. This did not come as a surprise because we actually hear that a lot! Anyway I asked him in the nicest way I could, do you know who we are? He then responded and said yes you dang testigos(Jehovas Witness) get off my property. My comp then said sorry for the confusion but we are from the Church of Jesus Christ also know as the Mormon church. He looked really confused and said well anyway my wife is sleeping so go away at which point he slammed the door. As we were walking away I couldnt help but smile. I dont really know why but I just couldnt help it. As a missionary you learn a few things quickly. 1) People generally dont know who you are, 2) Rejection is almost a competition. If you can last more than 30 seconds at someones front door you are doing something right, more than a minute and you have already won the war!

Anyway that was my week ha I actually had a really good time all week and have learned than it doesnt matter how many people we find or teach just as long as we are doing our best. We have contacted this town three times over and you find someone new every time! It is the best feeling in the world when you are standing at the door and you hear the words, "Pasen chicos pasen." And at the same time it is oddly fun to see who can give you the most disgusted look they can. When we get that we kinda turn and walk slow and put on our sad face like the world just fell on us. One lady actually saw it and looked a little sad as well ha! When it comes to the mission it is exactly what you make it. If you you make it all about the numbers you will never be satisfied. If you just come out with your purpose in mind to teach everyone who will listen and do it with a smile, you will have best mission ever!

Now on to dogs. The dogs in Sarmiento mostly are pretty tranquilo. Then you get others that have no sense of fear and have one objective and that is to shred you! This Sunday we were walking out to get Samuel for church. His neighbors have this huge pit bull boxer looking dog that is usually tied up. That dog just about decapitates itself trying to lunge at us every time we are out there. Anyway we were walking past when all of the sudden it just kept coming. We realized it wasnt tied so we grabbed what rocks we could. Usually if you go for rocks the dogs run, Not this guy. He kept coming so we are both just throwing rocks as hard as we can. The rocks didnt even phase this dog and it came right for me. I stuck my foot out to give me enough room to throw a rock. I nailed it on top of the head but it wasnt finished. It kept coming and I ended up kicking it pretty hard in the throat. That slowed it down enough for us to get away. Samuel wasnt in his house so that just made things worse. As we were leaving we both picked up rocks just to get ready. Sure enough this dog came flying around the corner right at us. I had 3 rocks and 2 of them were about baseball sized. This time the dog went for Bunker. I just threw a rock as hard as I could and hit it right in the shoulder. The stupid thing kept going and was going for where the sun dont shine. I threw another one and hit it in the side all the while Bunker is punching it just trying to avoid getting bit. He lands one punch and it finally backs off a little. At this point i have hit it with probably 15 rocks and i had more just in case. It finally walked away and we could breathe again.

So that is the story of the mission so far for me anyway ha! I really love my mission and it has taught me so many things already! I just want to thank you guys for everything you have done for me! Just let me say it is a lot easier to give talks when it is you speaking to maybe 2 or 3 other people and 1 is your comp! Be gratefull for the membership in your wards! And please do you callings with everything you can. My comp ad I have to do everything because people get scared to give a class or a talk so they just dont come to church. So please appeciate what you have and love doing it!

I Love you all and wish you all the best!!


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