October 31, 2016


Sarmiento Chubut Argentina


Elder Bunker

Get that Man a Bible!

So this is going to be a little shorter than usual because our week got just blown up but bad! We only contacted 18 people all week it was terrible. Plus both our inestigators had family member die so that was rough!

So we finally got Samuel in the chapel and he loved it! He brought the Book of Mormon we gave him and also his Santas Escrituras, Holy Scriptures. That is the Jehovas Wittness version of the bible. He got super confused because we were reading in Matthew and two verses we read werent even in his bible it was just a dash mark. Then he asked to read another passage and when he did there was maybe 2 words out of the 4 verses he read that where even the same. Then during sacrament meeting one of the members was giving a talk nd told the story of her conversion. She was Catholic the Evangelical then 2 missionaries knocked on her door(well clapped at her gate). Then she welcomed Samuel to church at this point these two began to have a conversation over the pulpit. He said thank you and how he felt exactly like her. Then they just kinda went back and forth for a while. It was super funny.

Saturday we were out contacting and we found a group of 3 people so drunk they couldnt really remember 3 seconds before! The first guy stood up and proceeded to tell us that he was indian and his grandpa rode his horse along side the dinasours. Then he kept asking us if we made arrows like his grandpa and him use to. Then A lady came to the door claiming to be Evangelical and that Jesus healed her. She would never tell us how or anything she just kept repeating, " Jesus me sano" that means Jesus healed me. Then a second guy came to the door and also reapeated over and over that God never forgets us but we forget him. THATS TRUE!! They wouldnt really stop talking long enough for us to talk so we invied them to church and walked away. At this point the lady in the door looked straight to the ground and starting screaming things at the ground.

Earlier that day we were able to take lunch over to Samuel and his family. They are really struggling with money so we figured we would help them out. With the help of a member we took them enough food to last a week! It was super cool to see the reaction of Lorena when she opened the door. It felt really good to help them out!!

So yeah that was my week!!! I hope all you guys had an awesome week I cant believe it already Halloween!! Have fun be safe Love you All!!!

This is our baptismal font! We have to look for holes because if there are holes we get to use the lake!!

A 13 year old girl was drawing on my hand during a lesson and asked what Hermanos was in English. I told her brothers not even thinking twice. Later as i looked at this I realized she meant Hermanos like siblings not brothers, so that is the peril of translating spanish to english ha!


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