October 24, 2016


Sarmiento Chubut Argentina


Elder Bunker

The Language Clicked!!

Well at least for one day then it basically went away the next! So let me take you through the week and I will explain. Last Tuesday we did what we call a tsunami. We take our whole district and we contact in one area. This way we can talk to more people and hopefully find more investigators for the missionaries assigned to that area. We did ours in the area of our zone leaders. Elder Bunker and I went with Elder Souza. He is one of our zone leaders, he is from Soa Paulo, Brazil. He is one of the funniest kids here! Anyway we were contacting and something really cool happened. Well kinda cool. We contacted this house and a guy walked out and started talking to us. He told us that he was a missionary as well for the Evangelical church. He then began to try to convince us that our religion was completely wrong and that our "Bible"(Book of Mormon) was written by man not god. He then told us this. "Before you three and your church come out here and try to confuse people with your crap, maybe you should really pray about it and find out the real truth!" With that being said he walked back into his house. As we were walking away Souza turned to my comp and I and said this, "I dont understand how people can call this a lie, never in my life could i ever say this book is a lie, someone could have a gun to my head and the heads of my family and this book is still true!" At the time I didnt really pay attention to the power of that statement. I realized that we have a job to do and that job is to allow God to work on the people of this world. We have to the truth in our lives and I can say that I have prayed about about it and I do know its true, so before you go out and denouce my church and what I KNOW to be true maybe you should pray!

Ok there was my weekly rant but on to Wednesday. We came back to Sarmiento and just did our best but we only got 7 contacts and 2 lessons. One was at lunch with a member and the other one was with Soledad, Shonia, and Armando. The completed their challenge to stop drinking and smoking for 1 week. We did a lesson with them where they asked us any question the wanted. Any question they had about their lives and we would answer it with the Book of Mormon. It was cool, we only got one question in cause we ran out of time and had to go home but it was way cool cause i think it is finally starting to click for them! I think they are finally realizing the importance of all this!

Thursday was about the same but we went to another members home for lunch. Her cat had kittens and those are the pictures of me with the cats. After that we went contacting. We found a man who was a cop. He has had a rough life! He was married to his high school sweatheart for 22 years. then one day her and his best friend ran off together. Then a few years later his daughter was 15 ad had this boyfriend he didnt really like but just kinda delt with. One day he was driving his patrol and saw a kid laying in the plaza. He pulled over and found he daughters boyfriend dead in the plaza. He put him in his car and took him the police station. Someone saw that and started saying it was him and that people from Buenos Aires were hiring him to do their dirty work. Now his his daughter cant find a boyfriend cause everyone is scared that they will get killed! So needless to say he just needs peace in his life!

Friday we kinda got just pooped on. we got 9 contacts but 0 lessons. so that was all that happened Friday.

Saturday was another just bleh kind of day. No one was home cause their was some kind of event in the plaza. We did want to contact in the plaza cause there were just a bunch of high school aged kids goofing off so literally just asking for something bad to happen if we go there! We did get to talk to a family in the branch. They are the coolest family here without a doubt! The dad was accused of stealing money from the church while he was a bishop up north. He was excommunicated but claims he never took any money. He is now trying to go back through the process of getting baptized again! He served in this mission in 1998 so he always loves talking to the missionaries here! We shared a mormon message and a short testimony and it was time to go home.

Sunday was the highlight of the week! We went to church and had a record 14 people in sacrament meeting. 3 of those were investigators, Soledad, Shonia, and Armando, and the 3 year old Luciana. They came and after church they cooked us lunch!!! They made us Ñokies. They are balls of mashed potatoes rolled in flour and boiled. They are so good!! We had them with Beef and Chicken that was in a sauce made from tomato sauce, onions and carrots! It was so good! And I beat Armando in a race twice so it was a good day!

Today we went to the petrified forest! It was super cool and on the way home the member took us to a canal where trout where trying to get up a waterfall. Leaving that the clutch on his car broke so we had to push the car off the side of the road. Then he got it to where he could hold it into 1st gear and we started home again. about 5 minutes down the road we got stuck in gravel and had to push the car out again. So needless to say today was an adventure of all kinds of fun!

I just want to let you guys know how lucky you are to live in America! There are people here literally starving to death because of the government and no one really tries to help. We did the math the other day and because of the 3 hour daily ciesta, Argentina is 15 years behind America in technology in everything. It is truely sad to the people that have nothing mostly because they literally have had thing just taken from them by people of high power. Be so gratefull for every trial any of you have because I can promise there is someone who is struggling worse than you are! I love you all so much and thank you so much for all the support you have given me it has helped a ton!


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