October 17, 2016


Sarmiento Chubut Argentina


Elder Bunker

What a week!!

So I think I can say this was a weird week! There have been some great experiences and others that I would not miss!

Wednesday we didnt get anything. We had what we call Super Semana. So we had a goal of 100 contacts 20 lessons 6 fechas 1 investigator in the chapel, per companionship. Wednesday we got 1 lesson and 9 contacts. We had a lesson with Solidad, Armando and Shonia. We committed them to stop smoking and drinking for 1 week!

Thursday we got 2 lessons and 10 contacts, but the two lessons were with active memebers.

Friday we got 2 lessons 12 contacts, we saw a 3 year old girl being held in the squat possition by her mom with her pants at her ankles peeing in the grass on the side of the road! Again the lessons were with an active lady and the other was a less active family so it was good.

Saturday we got just pooped on! Our kitchen sink broke at lunch and flooded our whole kitchen. We spent 2 hours fixing it and pushing water out our front door. Luckily everything is tile here so we have a squeggy(however you spell that) so we just pushed the water around! Then we got all of 9 contacts and 0 lessons.The funny thing is our 9th contact was a guy so drunk he has to sit down to talk to us. He approached us and asked us directions to the nearest Evangelical church. My comp gave hive directions and we went our separate ways. After we got a ways away I asked my comp what was on the corner he told him to go to. My comp then told me he had no idea and figured he would make it that far anyway. It was pretty funny, mostly cause my comp was trying to give him directions to an actual church but the guy kept interupting and asking if it was on a different street, so my comp gave up and just said yes its that way and we walked away.

Sunday we went to church taught a class and then went contacting. In Argentina yesterday was mothers day so EVERYONE and their dog was having an ASADO. The air was just smoke filled and smelled like asado everywhere! It was just torture. we did our best but only got 3 contacts. We did find Samuel though which is freaking awesome! We prayed that morning that we would be able to find him today. He told us that when he got up to go to work he realized he was out of gas. He has to pay for his own gas but gets a huge chunk of the cost to ride in the taxi. He woke up and realized he didnt have enough money to fill up his car so he didnt go to work. It is super sad but I dont know about you, that right there is an answer to a prayer!! This guy is amazing! He has been through a lot in his quest to find a church! His house was literally haunted because of one of the churches he went to. He showed us pictures he took of ghosts. I AM A BELIEVER. I was sitting at his table when he showed me a picture of a girl hiding under his table. His whole family is in the picture then there is a face under the table. I wanted to move but I decided to be nice!

Argentina is wonderful and just different! I love it and it is very humbling. I also finally got used to Mate so I will be bringing home a suitcase full of yerba to make Mate! Ask my mom for the video that shows how to make Mate. I promise it tastes better than it looks!!

ps. I stil dont like any of you that just won districts for soccer! WHY COULDNT YOU DO THAT THE LAST 4 YEARS!


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