October 10, 2016


Sarmiento Chubut Argentina


Elder Bunker

Where did the weeks go?

I cant believe I am already starting week 5!! I feel like I was sitting at home filling out the paper work yesterday! This week was really cool, interesting, challenging, different!! It was cool cause I can now speak better than I understand people so basically as long as my comp can translate for me what they are saying I can talk back and have a full conversation!
Interesting because we found a man and his family while contacting. We started teaching them leccion 1 the restoration. When we got done with the first vision he kinda teared up a little and told us that he has been feeling the exact same as Joseph Smith. Me and my comp are doing everything we can to no just run to the chappel and grab the white clothes and run to the lake! Oh yeah our baptismal font is the lake as of right now!! But he said he has had the same questions and everything! We promised him that if he would read the Book of Mormon and do the same and pray about it that he would have his questions answered! He accepted and we left. The problem is he is a remisero, a taxi driver, so he works almost all day so it is really hard for him to tell us when we can come back cause he just has no idea! So we are praying a ton for him and his family! One other cool thing about him, He is writing a letter to the Catholic Church to basically get excommunicated from the church because he doesnt want God to see his name on that list when he comes!!! If you
Challenging because we have to travel A LOT! Only us though we are the only area in the mission that has to travel this much. We have to go 2 hours to Comodoro every Monday for Pday and stay until Tuesday for our district meeting. The District sets all these goals of 70 contacts per companionship by each Sunday. Well we get half of Wednesday and basically the next 3 days to do that and get 15 lessons and now we dont leave our pension until 12 because President lengthened language study! I love it!! We do our best and usually get the lessons but contacting Sarmiento is difficult because you end up contacting th same house every other day! But I guess we gotta do what we are asked to do so ya fue! That means whatever btw!!
Different beacuase well its Argentina! We were in a lesson with the girl with a daughter and her brother and friend. This girl is 19, her daughter is 3 has teeth and talks faster than her mom. While in our lesson this little girl would not be quiet so her mom tells her to come sit on her lap. So as soon as she does that the mom STARTS BREASTFEEDING HER!! I am thinking in my head what the heck is going on! We are trying to teach you about the commandments and you are breastfeeding your 3 year old child just right out where the world can see and just dont care. The sad thing is this is probably the 4th time we have seen this! Aparently it is a common occurance in Argentina.
Thank you guys for everything! I Hope all is well and nobody has been lured by a clown into the woods!


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