March 26, 2018


Santigo Mission


Elder Thomas

I must look pretty old

Hola, this week was pretty good! A lot of our lessons fell through this week and we only had one investigator go to church, but we had amazing spiritual experiences and funny experiences. We also found 12 news this week so that’s awesome. So I got to tell you a funny story. So usually when we are getting to know people I ask them how old they think I am. And the answers I have gotten have blown my mind. Haha! I must look pretty old. But yesterday I hit the highest mark I think I will ever hit. So we contacted this family and they had three young teenage girls. After the lesson I asked them the question and they instantly said 40. I said no. So then they said 45. I said no. Then they said 50. Haha! Wow. I was laughing so hard because the person that guessed I was 50 was 19 and I’m still 18. So I am younger then she is. Haha! Pday was pretty fun today. We went to Navarrete to play some games. We played some basketball and we also played the games Signs. That was way fun. It’s amazing because there will be days in the mission where all the lessons fall and no one is answering when we are contacting. But in those days you receive blessings. If you work hard the whole day eventually you will receive blessings. That happened to us two times this week. We weren’t having much success one day, but then we contacted a person and had an amazing spiritual experience. The mission has taught me a lot. And one of the things it has taught me the most is when we feel the spirit in our lives we are happy the most. And there will be some days where we are down. But if we keep working that day and keep working to feel the spirit God will bless us. I know that Jesus Christ lives and he is going to come again. We need to prepare for his second coming. We need to live the gospel every day in our lives. I know that this is the Lords kingdom on this earth. The Holy Ghost has testified it’s truths to me and to the people we are teaching. I know that we have a God that loves us with all his heart and he is excited for us to be in his presence again. I know that the Book of Mormon is evidence that Joseph Smith was a prophet and is evidence this is the Lord’s kingdom.
I love you all.
Elder Walker


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