March 5, 2018


Santigo Mission


Elder Thomas

In my eyes I see a lot of potential

Hola, this week was good! It was really hot this week. It didn’t rain once. It is getting a lot hotter because it’s getting closer to summer. This week we found 12 news. We contact a lot here. Haha! Like a lot. But it’s good because it helps us. So this week on Feb. 27th was Independence Day here and what they do for this day is have a carnival. But when I say carnival really it’s just a ton of people wearing exotic colors, listening to music full blast and drinking a ton of alcohol. Haha! And it happened on the 27th and yesterday too. On both of these days we couldn’t really do much because we live pretty far up in Villa Gonzalez and we couldn’t walk down by the carnival. So we had two days this week where we didn’t really have any lessons. But we found a lot of news this week and put 6 dates for baptism, so that’s good. So the bishopric in the ward on Sunday talked a lot about how the ward needs to contribute and help the missionaries. So each group in the ward like Priesthood and Relief Society has to give us 2 references every month. The bishop tells me and my comp Elder Thomas that he knows that the people here are hard. But really in my eyes I see a lot of potential and me and Elder Thomas are going to bring this ward’s confidence back up. God put me in Villa Gonzalez for a reason. Elder Thomas told me a lot of missionaries that served here complain about the area and the work. When I heard this I changed my whole attitude about Villa Gonzalez. I am not going to complain, I am here to bring others unto Christ and bring them the happiness of the gospel. So far I am grateful for my time in Villa Gonzalez. The people are awesome here. Every once in a while a crazy experience will happen. Haha! So remember when I told you guys they haven’t seen a gringo in like a year. So we were contacting and found two gringos that are British. And they were with a Dominican. So my companion taught to the Dominican and I had to translate the lesson in English. It was a lot of fun, but its way hard to translate Spanish to English. I had to change the wording sometimes. Also since I am gringo I had a ton of people ask me this week if I have a girlfriend. It’s just because I am white. Haha! Also, tomorrow I have six months here. I know that this church is true, and I know that through Joseph Smith the Church of Jesus Christ was restored.
I love you all,
Elder Walker


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