February 12, 2018


Santigo Mission


Elder Louis Jeune

Seeing people change spiritually is an amazing experience

Hola, this week was awesome! So last week right after we wrote we were told that Elder Rauda will be receiving a new comp in Puerto Plata the next day. So it was just me and Elder Louis Jeune this week. It was sad to say good bye to Elder Rauda, but I am grateful for the time with him because it helped me learn a lot more Spanish. This week I felt more comfortable with my Spanish and my teaching. I could explain things easier in Spanish. Also this week flew bye way fast. It feels like yesterday I was writing to you guys. This week we focused a lot on Zuleyka because she had a baptismal date. It was awesome to see her grow more and more spiritually. The first day we taught her she was very into her religion and very into the Bible. But now she is baptized into the Lord’s church because the spirit works in mysterious ways. Every lesson we have had with their family I have felt the spirit. As missionaries we don´t feel the spirit in every home. But when you do feel the spirit you really feel the spirit and you know it is God telling you they are ready to hear his word. Andrea is her sister. The 19 year old girl I baptized with Elder Kyle. Also the younger sister has a date for this Saturday. Her name is Yosemeily. She is 10 years old. She thinks I am like a baby because I guess when I speak Spanish it sounds like a little kid. Haha! We have also been working really hard with the mother of the family for marriage. It´s crazy because at first she didn´t even think about it, but as we kept coming and kept teaching the word of God things changed. She really wants to get married now but we need to work with the father more. We also have another kid named Jeshua. He is 10 years old who has a baptismal date this Saturday with Yoesmeily. I know that God has put me here for reason in Republica de Domincana, I am grateful for the work I have seen here. Seeing people change spiritually is an amazing experience. The work is awesome right now. I know if we are obedient as missionaries and follow the rules we will have the Spirit with us. And when we teach with the Spirit it’s amazing because we don’t do the teaching the Spirit does the teaching. I know that Jesus Christ lives. I have never been more sure in my life. I also know that God loves all of so much and really does have a plan for us and it is only possible through Jesus Christ and his infinite atonement. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. Every scripture in the Book of Mormon testifies of truth.
Love you,
Elder Walker


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