February 5, 2018


Santigo Mission


Elder Louis Jeune

God works miracles

Hola, this week was awesome! Gurabo is turning out to be a great area for missionary work. Elder Louis Jeune and Elder Rauda said it’s one of the best areas they have worked in. Right now we have a ton of investigators and a lot of them are progressing. It’s really cool to see people you teach the gospel of Jesus Christ change. This week was also very fun because we had a ton of intercambios. (exchanges/splits) The reason is because at a certain point in your mission you have to go to Santo Domingo to fill out some documents. And when you go down to Santo Domingo you stay the night in Gurabo and you stay at our house because it is nice and close to where the bus stop is to go to Santo Domingo. Haha! So the first night we did intercambios with two gringos or two white guys from Utah. They have only been out one more transfer then me. For the intercambios I got put with them showing them around Gurabo and teaching the gospel with these guys. At first it was a little intimidating because we are three white guys walking around in the Republica de Dominicana. But one thing I have learned in my mission is not to be afraid and just go with the flow and the spirit will take over. And it always does. It ended up being a great day in the end. Oh another thing is there are two Elder Walkers. Me and one of the kids we did intercambios with. Haha! The next day we also had to do intercambios and we were having more people come to our house. One of them being Elder Kyle. So we had 3 companionships walking around in Gurabo this day. We were able to do that because I know the area and Elder Louis Jeune knows the area and Elder Kyle knows the area. I got put with Elder Garcia of Honduras. This day was awesome. There were so many lessons where I felt the spirit. And I was also in this moment with my three padres - Elder Kyle, Elder Louis Jeune, and Elder Rauda. Yesterday we had an amazing experience happen to us. We were walking down a street not really knowing what are next plan was, but in this moment a girl called us. She was sitting in this colmado or a mini store, My first reaction was this is bad just keep walking. But she ran up to us and said I need your help. Can we say a prayer? We went on telling her we can but can we do it somewhere more private because as missionaries we teach with the calm feeling of the Spirit. We also asked if she could find someone to accompany us. She did. She talked to someone in the colmado and we went to her house. After we got to her house my companion Elder Louis Jeune offered a prayer. Right after the prayer she was bawling telling us that she has felt so depressed lately and so lonely. She has been having problems with drinking and smoking and drugs. She told us she has been trying to find a way to get off this path. This day was Sunday and she told us her husband left for the day with his family so she was left alone and she felt so lonely. So she went to this colmado looking for someone to talk to. She got there at 10 in the morning. When we walked by she said she saw three angels and she knew we were the ones to talk to. We walked by her at 7:30 nighttime. God works miracles. I know God put us in this ladies path because she needs help and the cure for everything is the gospel of Jesus Christ. This experience strengthened my testimony a ton.
Love you all,
Elder Walker


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