December 11, 2017


Santigo Mission


Elder Kyle

Being a missionary is an experience I will never forget

Hola, this week was awesome! I learned so much Spanish this week. The way I have been learning Spanish is that I can understand every word; it’s just hard for me to open my mouth and speak the Spanish. This week was way better though. It built my confidence way more in my ability to speak Spanish. I was talking baseball with a ton of people this week and telling them the Boston Red Sox is the best team. People here are either Boston Red Sox fans or Yankees fans. Haha! Anyways there was a lesson where we were going in thinking we should teach the restoration, but after we started asking them questions we realized we shouldn´t because they were asking why the Mormon Church believes in Joseph Smith more then Jesus. We asked why they believed this and they said the missionaries before all they talked about was Joseph Smith. I explained to them that we are missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, not the church of Joseph Smith. And on our plaques we have two names that are Elder Walker and Jesus Christ. I told them we are here to talk about Jesus and his teachings; we are here to represent him. I felt really good in this lesson because after I said that they looked at me and said that’s exactly what they needed to hear. I know if I’m obedient in the work and diligent in the work, I will receive blessings from our Father in Heaven and his son Jesus Christ. Being a missionary is an experience I will never forget. There are so many times we will be teaching a lesson and me and Elder Kyle think the exact same thing to leave a person to read or a scripture we should share. I am grateful for all of you. I love you.

Elder Walker


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