November 27, 2017


Santigo Mission


Elder Kyle

I'm grateful for the Lord Jesus Christ and all he does for me

Hola, this week was awesome! It was so hot this week. I sweated so much. Haha! So me and Elder Kyle are really excited for this week because we have two investigators who have a date set for December 2nd. We are really excited for it. The people who would be getting baptized are the following - Nycol who is 15 and Wiley who is 13. They are both way awesome. We have taught them all the lessons so they just got to pass the interview to get baptized. They go to church like every Sunday. Thanksgiving was pretty chill here. We ate with our district, and we ate the following - chicken, potatoes, brownies, bread with honey butter. It was really good! I enjoyed it a lot. We also had a had a ton of family home evenings this week and they are so awesome here. So we teach the lesson and then they feed us food. What could be better then that. Haha. We also had a way awesome activity in the church this week. It consists of food and it is a challenge of who can make the best Locrio which is rice, beans and some type of meat. It was awesome. A lot of investigators came which is awesome. Church was also awesome this Sunday because a ton of investigators came to that. My Spanish is getting better every day. Oh for pday today we went to the zoo. I took a ton of pics. I'm not sure if the animals are treated so well though. It's a little sad. My first transfer ends this Wednesday. I'm also in the Santiago choir in our mission now. We did so well at that thing that they want us to sing probably for Christmas. Thats what I've been told at least. I'm grateful for the Lord Jesus Christ and all he does for me. I am grateful for the light he has shown me while I have been here on the mission. This is the true gospel. You can see the Holy Ghost testify to the people that this is the way God wants them to go. Love you all!!!! Elder Walker


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