November 6, 2017


Santigo Mission


Elder Kyle

I've been out for two months. That's insane.

Hola, this week was awesome! So many things happened. It did feel a little slow this week but that's OK. Me and Elder Kyle worked extra hard this week on our investigators especially. We had so many lessons where the spirit was so strong it was incredible. The first lesson where the spirit was amazing was with a girl named Kenya. We taught her the first lesson. We had another guy tag along. He was awesome. He is 18-19 years of age. We talked basketball a ton. Anyways so me and Elder Kyle were teaching and we got to the point of the first vision. This by far is my favorite part. The spirit is always so strong at this moment. So I said the first vision and I could just feel Gods love for this woman. It was awesome. Another lesson where the spirit was crazy strong is when we taught chastity to Cookie and his wife. The spirit was amazing once again. Everyone could feel it in that moment. We got three dates for baptism this week so hopefully that goes through. The people here are amazing. They are so kind and a lot of them are capable of baptism they just haven't gotten married or do not have their papers. We have three groups of couples with this problem. They come to church every Sunday. They are awesome. This Sunday me and Elder Kyle were super excited because ten of our investigators came to church. Also this Sunday I bore my testimony in Spanish in front of the whole branch. The spirit was so strong there. I love the people here so much. I feel bad sometimes because I don't know Spanish that well yet. But I'm excited to grow more in Spanish and have them know that I love them. Oh so we had choir practice this week and they gave us pizza from a place called Price Smart, its basically Costco. Haha. It was good. I had my first zone conference this week. It was awesome. We were all supposed to plan a talk and a five minute lesson. Then Presidente would call on a companionship. Me and Elder Kyle didn´t get called but it was still an amazing experience. I´m learning more things every day. Learning how to take care of myself, but most importantly I'm learning how to become in tune with the spirit and to know what the investigators need at the right moment. I can't believe today I've been out for two months. That's insane. I´m grateful for our Lord Jesus Christ every day. Without him by our sides life is a lot harder. I´m grateful for everyone's love back home. You guys keep me going some days. The work is hard but I can't complain because Jesus didn´t complain when he suffered for us during the atonement or when he was on the cross. Jesus was so loving, that the words that came out of his mouth when he was on the cross were God forgive them. I´m grateful do to the Lord's work. Love you all. Thank you for your love. Also mom thanks for the package.

Elder Walker


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