September 11, 2017



Departure delayed due to Hurricane Irma

Hi guys this is Charlie. I was supposed to leave for my mission on Tuesday,
September 5th and fly to the MTC in the DR. Unfortunately Hurricane Irma
decided to pass over the Caribbean then so the church delayed my departure. I
am leaving today for my mission. It was a little weird to still be at home. It helped
me to realize that I am really ready to go
and get started on my mission. The area
that the hurricane did the most damage to
the DR is in my mission. I have seen
some pictures and a lot of people have lost them homes. It
makes me feel like I want to be there to help them. I am
sure that there will be lots of work to do when I get
there. Some people have felt bad for me because I had to
wait at home for the hurricane to pass. But I was talking with
my older brother who said that this was always the plan for
me and my mission. That this hurricane didn't sneak up and surprise Heavenly Father. He knew that
this would happen when he called me and that this would be part of my mission experience. I love
reading all of your emails. I am excited to be joining you out there. I love you guys.


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