October 12, 2017


Dominican Republic MTC


Elder Winkleman

Last email from the MTC

Hola, since the last time we talked so much has happened. So first of all the first thing I need to tell you about are splits. Splits were amazing. I loved it. We got on a bus all the missionaries who came in the same time as me into the MTC. So you drive for like 15 minutes to a stake center. Dominican driving is crazy. They drive like maniacs and they are not afraid to send it on anyone. Haha. And they honk their horns all the time. So anyways we arrived at the stake center and there were only 2 missionaries there and all of us were like what? Anyways the two missionaries told us that the missionaries that we are going on splits were running late. So they showed up like 15 minutes later. It's so crazy. All the experienced missionaries show up and they say who wants to go with me. So I chose someone I knew. He was my zone leader before like 2 weeks ago. I like him so I was like I will go with you Elder Averitt. And then you just go straight to business. We walked like 5 minutes to a metro. We took a metro for like 15 minutes. On the metro there are just a ton of people preaching the gospel. So after we got off the metro we got into a cabenero. Oh my goodness it is the best and craziest thing on the planet. So basically the cab person is like ok lets get eight people in here. The reason it's crazy is there are no seat belts and you are jam packed into this car. Haha. We took the cabanero to a place in the Santo Domingo West mission. So me and Elder Averitt arrived and then we went straight to work. The plan was to go get a member to help us with our Spanish because we have only been out for like a month. So we went to Juan's house but he was not home. Elder Averitt looked at me and said ok looks like we are contacting. So in their mission they contact with a Book of Mormon. The first house we went to we just yelled at the door because that's how you get their attention. Haha. But no one came out. After that we saw a man with his shirt off on a patio and we talked to him for a bit. So the way Elder Averitt introduced the Book of Mormon was very interesting but very powerful. He would tell the certain person that we are doing a study on a book and will you read a paragraph of the book and then explain to us how you feel. So we did this with the man with his shirt off and you could tell he was feeling the spirit. I didn't really catch a lick of what he said but the man had a ton of faith. After Elder Averitt asked if they could come again and he said yes. So then it was my turn so we switched off. Let's just say I may have the funniest experience. There was this old man that was walking in front of us and I told Elder Averitt that we should try him. For an old man he could walk fast. It took us like 5 minutes to catch him. Haha. When we caught him I said Hermano come esta? He said Bien! And then I like froze for 5 seconds and the man said Adios. Haha. It was the most awkward situation but very helpful because I'm not letting it happen again. So after a long day of work Elder Averitt bought me a Coke which cost like 15 pesos. You have to drink it right there because they recycle the bottle. And you have to wipe off the top before you drink it. So that was such a fun time. Splits were amazing. I can't explain how different this place is. I love it! So yesterday I had another crazy experience. Everyone that is staying in Republica de Domincana has to get their blood drawn at some point in their mission so I got mine done yesterday. So here is the story. We get out of the MTC and a dude with a phone comes up and just starts saying Elder Walker you go in this car. Haha. Then we drove to a hospital like 10 minutes away. But with Dominican driving its like 5 minutes. We arrive to the hospital me and like three more Elders. And they call our names and give us this form to fill out. After they gave us the form they called our name into this room. They asked us questions in Spanish like are you on medication? Do have any scars? All I said was no. After that they take us into room next to it with a curtain. This is where things get crazy. So they take your blood and after they give you an xray which kind of feels like you are taking a picture as a prison inmate. My arm kind of still hurts where the blood was drawn. But I will be alright. So I leave the MTC Tuesday to go Santiago. I am so pumped. I will be traveling by bus. So this is my last email here in the MTC. So just so people know I may not be able to email next week. Lo siento Mom! I love everyone so much and I know that the Lord loves you. God has an amazing plan for us. Through his beloved Son we can be healed. The Book of Mormon is the word of God and if you read with real sincerity you will know for yourself that this is the true church and God has a plan for you. I know Thomas S. Monson is a true Prophet. I pray for him every day. God knows you individually. He is happy of every single one of you. He has done so much for us. Christ loves you also and he is our Savior. If you are willing to have faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement, be baptized, repent, have the gift of the Holy Ghost, and endure to the end. You are doing everything right to return to Heavenly Father again. Our purpose as missionaries is the following in Spanish: invitar a las personas a venir al cristo ayudarlas a que reciban el evagelio restaurado mediante la fe en jesu cristo y su expiacon el arrepentimento el bautismo la recipcion del don del espiritu santo y el preservar hasta el fin. The first vision in spanish, vi una columana de luz mas brillante que el sol directamente de mi cabeza, y esta luz graduallment desendio hasta descansar sobre me, al reprosar sobre mi laz luz vi en airre arriba de mi a dos pesonajes cuyo fulgor y gloria no admitten descripcion uno de ellos me hablo llamdome por mi nombre y dijo senalado al otro este es mi hijo amado escuchalo. The gospel is true everyone I have found that out for myself. The gospel is the same everywhere even in a different language just with different words. Until next time. Love you! Elder Walker


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