September 28, 2017


Dominican Republic MTC


Elder Winkleman

I can tell the Holy Ghost is working through me because I wouldn't be able to learn Spanish this fast

Hola everyone!!! How is everybody? This week has been amazing!! So this Tuesday the older missionaries left. So me and my companion have our own room now. Its nice because you can study a lot harder and get a lot done. Yesterday about 18 missionaries arrived and it was awesome to meet new people. You can tell the difference between a new missionary and one that has been here for a long time because they give you a gold sticker. So I got my gold sticker and I cherish it haha! So yesterday was definitely one of my favorite days here so far. We got to go to the store or la tienda. It was crazy because we got to walk in to the city a little bit. It is so entertaining to watch everyone and watch their culture. The walk was about 15 minutes away in burning hot weather. Me and my companion got some goodies. Don't worry though mom I did not spend that much money. Only about 370 pesos. Most people were spending over 1000 pesos haha! It was so cool to just be in the culture in the store though and I loved it. The walk back I was sweating so hard people may have thought I just got out of a swimming pool. A lot of changes have happened here in the MTC for my district. Both of our teachers served their time which is a three hour contract. So we got new teachers and it was a little hard to adjust but they are awesome. I'm a little bummed though because my teacher at night was so awesome. He is going to try and play for the BYU football team and he is ripped and so athletic. We call him el tio which means uncle. My Spanish has increased so much lately. I can say prayers in Spanish for longer than a minute and I keep conversation with most people. I can tell the Holy Ghost is working through me because I wouldn't be able to learn Spanish this fast with out it. Its crazy how revelation works but it does. Today I prayed and asked God what he wants me to know and what I should focus on for my investigator. I listened to the spirit and wrote down like 8 scriptures. All of them relating to keep working and don't be afraid to teach the gospel and that I should teach repentance and baptism. Every scripture I read had repentance in it. It was amazing. Sometimes we practice teaching to other companionships and one day we taught one. And I bore my testimony and I'm not that great at Spanish yet but I could feel the spirit working through me and my heart was warm. I didn't think they understood what I was saying though. But right after they said to me you have a strong spirit, use it. That has helped me this week. Because I know if I teach with the spirit anything is possible. Today we went to the temple and it was amazing. I love the temple. It so nice to go into the Lords home. Also this week President let us go on the roof and take some pictures. It was so cool to see the view. So I hope you guys are excited for Conference like I am. I am so excited! Conference is going to be amazing. We watched a devotional this week and David Bednar was teaching. He taught us how to study and hear teachings in conference. So I am challenging everyone to try it out like me. So you divide your paper in three sections for all 15 talks. The first section is what doctrine and principles did they talk about? The second section is what is the invitation to act? And the third is what are the promised blessings? I know if you follow these steps your conference will be amazing. I know that this is the true church on the planet. I know Jesus Christ did die for us and we can return to him one day. I know that every page of the Book of Mormon you can receive revelation and apply it to your life. I know we have a true prophet on this earth. I know that God does love us and knows each of us. I know if we strive to be better every day we will gain eternal glory. Yo se que el evangelio es verdad. Yo se que Dios nos Ama, Yo se que Jesucristo es el salvador Yo se que el libro de mormon es verdad, Yo sentio espritu cuando lera el libro de mormon. Yo so que dios bendcimos nos vidas. Yo se que Jesucrist ayudarlamos nos mediante vida. En nombre de Jesucristo. Amen.

Elder Walker

Pictures - Me and my district, my teacher el tio, my goodies I bought, me on the MTC roof, my desk that I do my work at.


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