October 5, 2017


Dominican Republic MTC


Elder Winkleman

General Conference was absolutely amazing

Hola everyone!!! How is everybody doing? So much has happened since last time. So general conference was absolutely amazing right? I felt the spirit so strongly and it was so awesome. It's true when they say general conference is like Christmas to missionaries. Haha! It really is in the mtc. We thought those days were just so awesome. Oh so we went to the university Friday. It was so cool. Me and Elder Winkleman contacted three people. The first person we walked up to knew how to speak English. What are the chances? Her name was Alexandra. She was awesome. The next person we taught was John. Guess what? He knew how to speak English too. He was awesome. He told us he likes talking to Americans because they are so nice. We talked a little about baseball and David Ortiz. Haha! My sports knowledge came in handy. The third person we reached out to was Antony who spoke Spanish. He was awesome. We talked about basketball with him a little bit. All three of them accepted that we could take their phone number and addresses so more experienced missionaries can contact them. Ok I got some news to tell everyone that I am still shocked about. Right after priesthood President Gulbransen called two zone leaders. Me being one of them and Elder Larson, the one who looks like Ben Stiller, to be the other. Crazy right? So far I have loved it though. Everyone here is so in tune with the spirit and it's so fun to get to know everyone. I know I have to be an example to others. I'm excited for this calling. I know that the Lord chose me for a reason. So me and Elder Larson are over 40 people and 4 districts. I got a funny story. So one of the Elders named Elder Plewe had something very unique happen to him. So he was in the bathroom and he flushed the toilet. But Elder Plewe forgot that his glasses were hanging inside the front of his shirt. When he flushed the toilet his glasses fell in at the same time and I kid you not he literally flushed his glasses down the toilet. Haha! Oh so i'm guessing everyone knows that Puerto Rico is struggling after the hurricane. So my companion Elder Winkleman who is supposed to go there is now going to Houston Texas for I'm guessing a couple of months before he goes to Puerto Rico. Oh so you know Elder Alonso that spoke in general conference the last day. Well he came to our MTC on Sunday and talked to us. So it was really cool to see him. It was awesome to see the tabernacle choir. They are always so amazing, how can you not feel the spirit when they are singing. I pray for Thomas S. Monson every night. I know he is a true prophet and he is in tune with the spirit every day. He is a true witness that God does live. I am grateful for him and his teachings he has taught us thus far. One of my favorite talks in general conference was by Elder Rasband, when he said it's not coincidence but things happen by design. I know this to be true. I told our district about how me and Elder Winkleman somehow taught two english speakers when we went to the university. I told them I believe it is because God knew it would happen that way and he helped me and my companion realize we can teach the gospel. Also I got a haircut. It was an crazy experience to say the least. You just sit down and a hermano just sends it on your hair without asking you how you want it to look. Haha! And they are aggressive! It kind of hurt and by the end I kid you not they were using razor blades. It kind of felt like he was basically doing karate on my hair like Jackie Chan style! Haha! Oh tomorrow we get to go on splits with the missionaries out in the field. I am way excited! I am pumped! Love you all! May the force be with you! God loves you and he sent his beloved son Jesus Christ down to the earth to heal us from our sins so we can return to him again. Adios!!! Oh Jesse! I met a Hermana Triana here two weeks ago. Guess what? She is from Cali, Colombia and guess what you've been in her house! She looked at me and said Hey Elder Walker, do you know Jesse? Haha! I said that's my brother. Crazy right?


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