September 21, 2017


Dominican Republic MTC


Elder Winkleman

Man so much has happened since last time

Hola, How is everyone. Man so much has happened since last time we talked. So me and Elder Winkleman got an investigator. His name is Richard. It's just our teacher wearing an afro. Haha! But it's way helpful. It's so good to have the experience though. We so far have committed him to read the Book of Mormon and got him to pray. Spanish is coming along. My companion knows way more Spanish then me though and I feel like in our lessons I don't do much. But I know that you can't learn Spanish in 2 weeks and be fluent in it. I know that with having the spirit with me at all times, I will be able to learn it faster. Me and Elder Winkleman are going to be senior companions next week. So the best days at the MTC our definitely Wed, Thur, Sunday. So on Wed we get to do service. So yesterday we cleaned up some leaves around the temple. Thursday is awesome because its Pday and we get to go to the temple in the morning. Sunday is amazing. We all have to write a talk in Spanish and then randomly President will chose some one to talk that day. We also get to watch a church movie. For example we watched The Restoration last time. He even gives you time to take a nap for an hour and half. We then have a doctrine class. President says usually he has a topic for us but he just goes with the spirit. It's amazing. He talked about something for like three hours just based on the spirit. The food here is good but it's kind of struggling with my stomach though. But it's fine. So either the hurricane hasn't happened yet, or we slept through it because nothing has happened to us today. So I'm fine. All the people I came with are just my total buddies. We are all so great friends. There are 60 missionaries total at this MTC. My district is amazing. We have eight people in it including two hermanas. We are definitely the more obedient of the two districts. We can hear the other district in another class behind us and they talk about sports the whole time and just random jokes. I'm grateful that my district is obedient. Our district leader looks like Ben Stiller. I kid you not he is Ben Stiller. Oh, my room is also amazing. But Elder Hutchinson decided to prank one of the other rooms by changing the alarm clock to three in the morning. So the prank worked and so the next night me and my companion Elder Winkleman, and Elder Howe and Elder Hutchinson had to deal with five alarm clocks. It was horrible. One at 3am, one at 4am, one at 5am and one at 6am. They hid all of them so well and they were so hard to find at night. So that was a crazy night to say the least. I am so excited to start teaching the Dominicans once I get out. And so excited to love a culture that is new to me. I love it here and know it will get harder after I leave the MTC but with the spirit anything is possible. God loves all of you and he knows all of you. The Savior died for us so that we can live a better tommorow. It is so nice to have that reminder. We have a true prophet on this earth. Yo se que Jesucrist y Dios es verdad. Yo se que dios bendice me con don de languas y espirtu. Yo se que Dios ama usted. Love all of you!!!!!

Pictures - So that's my district in the first pic, second pic is people going to my same mission, third pic is the people in my room, fourth pic some food, fifth pic some rain in the DR.


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