November 11, 2019





I officially have more companions than transfers! I was in Guaricano A for my first transfer and I was supposed to be there for my second transfer also, BUT I got a call at about 6 25 in the afternoon last Day after I had finished emailing. They told me that I was receiving a Special Transfer to Genoveva where I received a new companion, Elder Lopez! I have been here in this new area for 1 week now and I love it so much and the members here are super into missionary work! I now have three trainers E. Fernandez, E. Stout, and E. Lopez who says i'm not even being trained! I found Bagel Bites in this country as well as Hot Pockets which I didn't even know would exist here. I found them in La Sirena * A store here in Genoveva which translates to the mermaid( and after we shopped I went to the restroom and a Dominican reached under my stall and started poking my shoe asking for toilet paper and I honestly died! I cut E. Lopez's hair this week and everyone in the street is calling him un tigre which is slang for Gangster Hoodlum and its hilarious because now everyone asks me to cut their hair. This last week has been the funniest and most chill transfer with E. Lopez and we have laughed so hard and have done so much work out here and trying to bring others unto Christ! We baptized Jhansi this week and he Loves Church, I actually thought he was a member before I met him! I had to go to immagration this week to get my blood drawn and tested! It was kind of sketchy because they lady kinda just shanked me with the needle, yanked out my blood and told me to move on. I've seen Cows on the street multiple times but everytime I did see one I never had my camera! I also saw goats that I actually got to pet and touch and it was super fun! Yo testifico que nuestro trabajo es muy especial en este país y yo se que estoy aquí para que las personas pueden sentir el amor de Dios y su Hijo Jesucristo y que el es conmigo y ustedes. si somos dignos podemos seguir el ejemplo de nuestro Padre Celestial. Testifico que Él vive para darnos un oportunidad para regresar a los cielos! Yo se que ustedes son hijos y hijas de Dios y él quiere ustedes a venir a Cristo cada dia!
Te Amo Mucho
-Elder Martinez


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