November 5, 2019




Servicio, Servicio, y Servicio!

Servicio, Servicio, y Servicio!
Saludos familia y amigos. Como estan? I'm so sick this week and I have no idea why but I wont give details, It hasn't been fun. This week has been so fun and different. We went to a juice shop here in Guaricano and we had contacted the owner a few weeks before. We walked in and Santo (His parents literally named him Saint) and he is going to a different church... but he always wants us to share a message and he always calls us servants of God! he told us that as long as we are here and sharing with him he will share with us and he gives us free AMAZING juice! Before the mission I never ever liked to drink juice but this country has opened my eyes and I LOVE NATURAL JUICES HERE! after he gave us juice he started to bottle a bunch of Chinola con avena (Chinola with oat powder) juice! Chinola is a weird type of fruit that you cant really eat because when you open it, it only has liquid inside! As we were watching him and sharing with him we asked if we could help! He poured the last bottle of juice and said we can but the caps on all the juice bottles! That was so fun and he had time to spend with his grandchildren and have time with family! Service has taken a chunk of our time this week! We did that and we also painted a house and destroyed walls for 2 days! After we did that service this week THE WHOLE FAMILY WENT TO CHURCH YESTERDAY! Never ever ever thought that would happen because they are penticostal and they loved it. Elder Stout and I started to sing The Spirit of God while we were painting, he was singing in spanish and I was singing in english and everybody that was working just stopped what they were doing and closed their mouths and just listened for the whole song. They were so amazed and tried to make us sing more haha. As I was destroying a wall a tiny rat was in the wall and as I was pointing at it, IT freaking jumped and tried to bite my finger! I jumped so high and the family just laughed and enjoyed my goofiness. Today for P day we went to a giant park and rode bikes and It was so fun and I think the 4 of us in this house look like the goofiest international group of dudes ive ever seen! Bishop Volquez is becoming more into the missionaries here because before us they were only baptizing niños and because the bishop knew none of the families he was ticked! We have been working really hard to fix our relationship with the ward leaders and the members so they can help us do our work. Without them our work won't progress. Elder Stout and I have been sick all this week and it wrecked us... 3 times this week we had to come home early because of our health.This week was Halloween and we didn't wanna miss out on the party, soooo we went to the store but fun fact you can't buy a pumpkin in this country so we bought a watermelon and carved him up real good! Santo Sandia de Halloween! But I think we're chillin now. I love the work here and I love you guys!
¡Te amo mucho!
-Elder Martinez


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