September 16, 2019


Santo Domingo


Dominican here I am

Guys i cannot begin to explain how hot and crazy its been here! wow dominican weather is the HOTTEST thing ive ever experienced and btw im typing from a weird computor in the internet
cafe and im sorry for any spelling errors i have in this! but where to start... the oranges here are amazing they call them narangas and the american oranges they call chinas and the difference is the ones here are GREEN. and they are so much better. i see
some crazy stuff here everyday! i am in an area called guaricacnos and i see naked babies everywhere and we have these things called carritos and they are small cars and you pay 25 pesos which is like 50 cents and they drive you wherever you want and thats
the same with guaguas and they pack like 7 people when theres only room for 4! we dont knock we scream BUEN DIA. and I BAPTIZED MY FIRST CONVERT LAST SATURDAY!!! his name is Frankelly De La Cruz, he is fifteen and he loves the gospel and he wanted to be baptized
so badly! The people here call me Chino becasue they dont know the difference between chinese people and white people and they think im a chino so they call me chino, hey also dont pronounce the s in their language. Im also having to learn creole which is
WACK but they are so nice here and they all wnat Jesus in their life and they are so nice to us because we are "men of GOD" people give us water and food whenever they want and they will bring us chairs from inside so we can sit with them and this week elder
bowman was able to pick avocados from someones backyard because htey liked us and the avacados are the size of Mangos here! i am sweating buckets! i love it here1

te amo mucho,

Elder Martinez

Libre de virus.


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