October 22, 2019





PIRATE IN THE CARRIBEAN This week has been a TRIPPPPPPP to say the least! BTW im sorry for not sending an email last week, my email was locking me out and I didnt have enough time to send an email! !This week!
This week was a trip to say the least and the craziest part about it was that Last P day i got home and got ready to preach the gosple of Jesus Christ and i got locked in a room by myself for about 30 minutes because the door knob was broken! Our solution was to just brake it off the door with a hammer! I tried a Dominican dish called Yaroa this week and it actually might be my favorite food in this country! Also a Chimi which isnt a chimi at all but its similar to a cheesburger but loaded with a speacial lettuce they maake and fry! And the best part about it is that its 50 pesos (the same as 1 dollar)
I recieved my next transfer information and my next companion is ELDER STOUT he is froom america and thats all I know but tommorow I will be with him and youll learn more next week! By theway i just realized that I AM A PIRATE IN THE CARRIBEAN! Having been apart of the pirate football team and being a pirate myself and being in the middle of the carribean means I AM JACK SPARROW! In this house this week we had multiple timmes where the power went out for hours at night and i couldnt sleep and because our house is so HOT I had a genius idea! I got my hammock and hung it outside and slept their with a mosquito net and pillows and it was heavenly! This week I had my first service project in the missison so far and it was to help one of our investigators dad! (Wanders padre) build his new house! Super broke still but its Dominican and it was a lot of fun actually! This week we brought an investagador a la iglesia para aprender ingles! we brought him and the class was cancelled and re scheduled, I began to teach him basic english with my companion and it was so awesome! A woman we are teaching knows very little english and asked that we teach our lessons in english! We taught her the principles of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ! EMERGENCY TRANSFER This next transfer My good friend Elder Bowman was supposed to stay in the house and I was supposed to also, My trainer was to leave to Ozama and the other was supposed to leave to Oriental but things got mixed up because an Elder here isnt going home yet! so I am staying here, my trainer is staying here but with a different area and a new companion, Elder Bowman is going to leave to Genoveva with the elder who isnt leaving and I am staying in my area with Elder Stout as my New Companion!!GODS CHILDREN!This week we baptized 2 amazing children of GOD! Wander and Eurys! They we baptized this satrday and confirmed this past sunday! What an amazing work there is here and I love the people so much they are so giving and willing to go anywhere to find the gospel!!THIS TRANSFER!This transfer (My Training) has been amazing and Im loving every minute of it! In these past 6 weeks 12 Souls and Chrildren of our Heavenly father have started their journey to Christ! Frankelly, Ashli, Algenis, Vladimir, Braulli, Alexander, Alejandro, Wander, Eurys, Diogenis, Adonis and Aneuris.!Last Week!


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