September 30, 2019




Craziness in the Dominican republic (GIANT SPIDERS)

Craziness in the Dominican republic (GIANT SPIDERS)

Sorry for not writting last week we had a shorter personal day because we went to the temple and that cuts into our prosiliting time. OMG last monday at around 9:15 in the evening we found a turantula about the size of my hand or even bigger! Her name is Tatiana! THEN on wednesday we found a centipede that was bigger than like 2 no.2 pencils it was INSANE! and Then last night we found another spider in our house that was probably as big as a large sugar cookie and im lowkey worried about my health in our house! anyway I had the oportunty to see a man fixing powerlines in the middle of the street with a ladder that was leaning on the powerlines and he was using metal wires and pliers and he only had one leg! DOMINICANS ARE CRAZY!!! the food here is pretty good and the juice here is THE ABSOLUTE BEST! I have started to learn some creole also because haitians are here and they love when we talk in their language to them! The kids here called me Diablo because they asked me to throw a ball as i can and it was super funny! and I was bit by a dog on sunday of last week and I was laughing about it

Te amo mucho!

Elder Martinez


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