September 7, 2019


MTC Provo Utah


Dominican Republic here I come!

Subject: Dominican Republic here I come!

Hola! Today is my last day in the MTC! I'll be leaving tomorrow (Sunday) at 8:10 in the evening! I'm so excited, today I packed all of my stuff and honestly I'm not sure if I'm gonna make the weight limit for the plane and I am so excited to get there and not know a lot of what they are saying! Lol but now I'm just trying to understand Spanish as much as possible and learn how the heck I'm gonna last 14-16 hours of flying and waiting. This week we had a TRC with a native speaker by facetime and she was from Mexico and I COULD ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND HER!! It went so well, we had one in person again and she was so awesome! She loves her family and wants to be with them forever! Playing volleyball here is so fun but yesterday was my last exercise time and I'm gonna miss the people I play with ): but I've had so much fun here and in the DR I'm sure that I will have TONS of fun! Our teachers this week taught us so much and how to use the language correctly and now we can communicate with each other in the dorms and with other Spanish speakers. President Russell M. Nelson's birthday was yesterday and his conference was AMAZING Donny Osmond played a song for him and it told about his life. I felt the spirit so strongly while watching it and he is such a spiritual man and his faith is overwhelming. He's truly amazing. I love out Prophet and his disciples and I know he is a true prophet of God and Jesus Christ is the true son of God and I love and know this gospel is true! I promise God loves you and i love you guys too! Te amo mucho,Elder Martinez


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