August 17, 2019


MTC Provo Utah


Jakon Allred

Almost Lost Finger

On Sat, Aug 17, 2019, 1:25 PM Chandler Martinez wrote:
¡Hola! This week has been INSANE I almost lost my finger, I had an amazing spiritual experience and I ate bad food again. I was in my dorm building and I went into one of the elders room to tell one of them about spike ball. I walked into the room and they were talking and then one of the elders that just doesn't like me. Started to tell me to get out. FYI this guy is HUGE and he tells me to get out and we kinda started arguing then I was walking out and I wanted to tell that elder real quick so I stepped as if I was going back into the room and the elder that doesn't like me SLAMMED the door really really hard. I moved my hand to stop the door and it slipped into the crack of the door and smashed my thumb, index, and middle finger. I thought that I just smashed it and there was no big deal but then it started cbleeding. The elder i wanted to talk to walked out and saw my finger and ran and got me tissues for the blood and then one of the elders picked up the emergency phone in the hall and i was taken out of the MTC and taken to the hospital. From there they dropped me off and they took me in the back and gave me 5 stitches in my index finger. And I didnt get home till about 12 am (picture included). On the good side I had a CRAZY spiritual experience. We were asked to share with anyone in the MTC what we felt like they needed. I said a prayer asking for guidance and that the spirit is with as and those we teach. After that we started walking and I swear I was having crazy feelings to go a certain direction and so did my companion. We both felt like we had to teach these two sisters. We both shared scriptures in 2 Nephi 4 and I LOVE that scripture. Once we finished the two sisters were crying and then they told us that those were exactly what they needed to hear. They also told us that they wanted to study somewhere else but they felt compelled to go study where they were. Afterwards two Japenese sisters walked up to us and bore their testimony in Japanese while the other translated. They told us "I know that God loves you Elder Martinez and Elder Allred. My mind was blown and now I only have 3 weeks left in the MTC!!! Te amo mucho, Elder Martinez


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