August 3, 2019


MTC Provo Utah


Im living and loving the gospel!

hola mi famila y mi amigos! if you wanna text me download google hangouts and then shoot me an email.i am loving the mtc so far! everyone in my district is going to the Dominican Republic Santo Domingo east mission! a lot of my companions are here and i love them all but some more than others for sure lol! Im definitely having some withdrawals from green Chile, its heartbreaking that there is almost NO spicy food in the MTC. we are part of this pilot program for Spanish and its kind of different and maybe even a bit slower paced but i look for the good stuff in it, we memorize the lesson bullet points in English to try and better our understanding of the lesson and convert it to a better understanding in Spanish idk. the food here is not amazing its actually quite disappointing. the mtc teachers are SO GOOD and our spanish is coming along great! im almost able to pray fully in espanol and the Spanish exam legit sounded like the man was talking through a scarf smh. but spanish is amzing and there are so many cultures and languages being learned here. I love you guys and i wanna keep these somewhat short but send me another eamil if you want to contact me through text!

te amo mucho,Elder Martinez


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