October 13, 2015


4th Area Butiá, Rio Grande do Sul


Elder Diaz


So uh... this week.... uhh.... BATISMO (baptism)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

None of you can understand my happiness right now. It's absolutely impossible, I FINALLY HAD A BAPTISM!!!!!!!! For you guys to understand how awesome things are right now, let me explain.

First, yesterday was a holiday here (children's day or something) so we worked, and are enjoying p-day, today. During yesterday we had an awesome churrasco (barbeque) and watched members of the branch play soccer (because we can't).

Second, to understand how awesome this baptism is, here's what happened. please remember, the only reason we had this baptism was not because of me or my companion, it was only because we did our part and the Lord saw it fit to bless us with the opportunity to have a baptism (2 actually).

So me and Elder Dias show up in the area, with nothing. We got here, the other elders had left us with 3 recent converts and 3 investigators (which until today, i still dont know any of them, they're never home.)

So we go, and we just went to work. All along the way, the Lord blessed us, showing us where to go and what to do. Our first day here, we met two boys, Marcelo (10 years) and Igor (13 years), children of a less active Mom, and non member Dad. These two kids had books of mormons, and they were reading them, a lot! So the mom asked us to study with them. We took this opportunity to do what we do, and invite them to baptism, to which they agreed, not really understanding what this meant.

Fast forward until this last week. We had marked saturday to baptize them. So all this week we tried visiting them to teach them, but it just didnt work. Finally thursday, 2 days before the baptism, we were able to sit with them and see if they really wanted to get baptized. We explained what it all really meant, and we reviewed the interview questions with them. They started to have doubts. I knew they would. They started having doubts, because they didnt have a testimony about the book of mormon or Joseph Smith yet.

So we commit them to read and pray, and that we would return the next day to see if they wanted to go through with it. So we leave, and pray all night and all day... We show up, we show them a really powerful and spiritul video explaining the restoration. Then we ask that daunting question, will you follow the example Jesus Christ by being baptized? The younger brother, after a few seconds, agreed, saying he wanted to. But the older brother was different. He still had doubts. This kids are young, but they are smart. Really smart! They understood everything we taught, and he understood that he needed to know the truth of what we taught if he was going to get baptized.

So he decides he wants to wait a week to get baptized. but still, we knew he was ready. We asked him to pray about it, and that the next day, the day of that baptism, we would ask him, and if he wanted, he could get baptized.

Then we turn to their dad, and without ever having taught him anything, we commit him to baptism a month from now.

Soooo to end the story. We show up the next day. We had been planning the baptism all day, getting things ready (Satan was trying hard to prevent this baptism, we had tons of problems with the font and everything). We had been praying HARD, praying like no other that Igor would decide to get baptized.

Well long story short, he was baptised, along with his brother. I had the honor to perform the ordinance. Before baptism, there is an interview to make sure that the people being baptized understand baptism, and are worthy to be baptized. The guy who performed the ordinance told us later that during the interview with Igor, he asked him, why do you want to be baptized? Igor responded, a 13 year old boy responded with the most profound response I've ever heard in my life: Because the spirit touched me.

Because the spirit touched him.

Our prayers did not go unanswered.

The day after the baptism we went to visit the family. The mother and father arent married (couples living togethor and not getting married is a big problem in brazil, because its super complicated and expensive to get married.) We committed the parents to get married. In one month, the parents will be married, the dad baptized. The whole family, members of the restored church of Christ. One year from now, they'll be going to the temple to get sealed for time and all eternity, and I'll have the privilege of being there along side them.

Prayers are answered. Prayers really are heard, and he really does answer them..

<b> - Elder Chandler Efros</b>

Brasil, Missão Porto Alegre Sul


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