May 25, 2015


1st Orlando, Florida Mission - Deland Zone


Noah King

My testimony keeps me warm at night. Elder Palmer

Well this last week was quite the week!

We started off our week on Monday by visiting and teaching an AWESOME less active family. It was really cool teaching them, I saw something light up in their daughter's eyes as we testified to them the truthfulness of the gospel and importance of scriptures study, prayer, and church attendance. They were super eager, almost begging their parents to let them come to church. They didn't come yesterday, but something was lit in them.. hopefully their parents will have the desire to come soon.

Tuesday was a great day. Visited a few people, and ended the day by playing some basketball with a ton of nonmembers. That was cool

Wednesday was a really good day, had a ton of lessons, and visited a ton of people that don't even count as lessons, but furthered the work. My companion thinks I'm way to focused on numbers, especially when I pointed out that we were having a six lesson day that day. But whatever, I know how important each of those six people are. It's just nice to go to bed knowing you had a busy day and did everything you could to invite people to come unto Christ.

Thursday morning we had a district meeting, where we had our stake president come and lay down the law on how we should work with the stake and ward leaders. Man our stake president is awesome. His main focus is right where it should be, missionary work, and it's awesome. I could see this guy becoming a general authority one day, and then I can say I know him ;) we ended the day by visiting lots of people, as always, and treating ourselves to a nice restaurant called Swamp House, where we ordered gator nuggets, catfish burgers, and more weird and delicious foods.

Not much happened Friday, as always. We spend most of that day planning. We did visit a few people that evening, including an investigator with a baptismal date. I found out he plays guitar and used to be in a few rock bands. We plan to jam next time I go over to his place, I'm super excited. I hope I'll be here for his baptism.

On Saturday I was on exchanges with an Elder Palmer in his area. We had a great time. I met this guy who had a stroke a year ago, and as a result can't even remember what a newspaper is called, let alone other important details about his life. He was quite the interesting guy to talk to. He has absolutely no filter and had no problem telling us about how disgusted he is by many things prominent in America. One thing he was telling us was so offensive to so many people, and he just came right out and said it as if we were talking about the weather XD We had to tell him that its not a good idea to talk about that kind of stuff. I won't even mention it here, don't want to offend anyone....

We had dinner with the other set of Elders. We went to a member's house who was supposed to feed us on my birthday, but postponed till Saturday. This family is so awesome, they have such cute little kids who are always asking me how to say various things in Portuguese. They also helped us to download a ton of new mission appropriate music. We played soccer with them and lots of other stuff. They are awesome, I love the members here. They are so nice and so supportive of missionaries.

We ended Saturday night by knocking on people's houses, something my normal companion HATES doing. We decided to walk instead of bike. At the first house we knocked on we saw a miracle. A woman came out, wondering if we were Jehovas Witnesses. She was super relieved to find out we weren't. We shared, on her front porch, the first lesson in less then 10 minutes. We basically ended up telling her that if what we're telling her is true, then this is the most important thing she'll ever hear in her entire life, and if it's not, then we're all just crazy. We told her she had to find out for herself, by reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it. She said she would and eagerly wanted us to come back next week when her whole family would be there. She accepted everything we taught, it was awesome. The rest of our knocking didn't go so well that day. On one house we knocked on, a deaf guy in only his underwear came out. He didn't answer when I knocked the first time, so I knocked again, while looking in the windown, and saw him sitting on the couch. Our eyes locked. He answered the door and said, "Hey guys I'm deaf." Me and elder Palmer were like... uhhhhh okay... well have a nice day? We walked away really awkwardly not knowing what to say. It's not like either of us knew enough sign language to teach the restoration or anything.

Sunday was a good day. A less active I've been working with since I got here finally came to church!! That was awesome.

That was my week, thanks for all of your emails. Keep them coming!


- Elder Chandler Efros


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