May 18, 2015


1st Orlando, Florida Mission - Deland Zone


Noah King

And Thus We See After the Trial of Your Faith, Your Meal Gets Paid For, Elder Cotton

Hey everybody, how's life? It's good isn't it? Life is good. Life is good as long as we make it good.

My past week has been awesome. Lots of stuff happening.

Tuesday was an awesome day. Almost all of our appointments canceled on us, but that's okay, because we still found people to bother about the Gospel! We visited lots of inactives all throughout the day. That evening we taught a lesson to one of our investigators on date, which was awesome. He hadn't been reading the Book of Mormon, which is the most important thing in conversion!! He has the desire to read, he just needed a push, a solid specific commitment. Before this point we'd been letting him figure out when he would read and stuff like that, but it wasn't working, so we committed him to read a chapter that night before bed, and to text us when he read it. And then for every night after that, to read a chapter about 3 pages long with his wife. This is finally what worked, he tells us he's been reading a lot more lately, which is AWESOME. I'm so excited for June 20th when he gets dunked, as we say in the mission. After our lesson with him we got to join the youth for the Face to Face event with Elder Bednar, which was awesome and inspiring. If you haven't seen it yet, go watch it!

Wednesday was a great day too. We had lots of biking that day, biking down to Debary. We saw only a few people. As we were biking around trying to find people to teach and visit, it started down pouring for half an hour, during which we of course didn't have an appointment, so we were stuck in the middle of it. That was a party.

On Thursday we had a zone training meeting, and I was on exchanges with Elder Cotton (our DL) in his area. After the meeting we decided to go to Olive Garden for lunch, we didn't care about how much we'd end up spending, we just wanted some good food. Right before we went in to Olive Garden, Elder Cotton turns to us and says, "if we have enough faith, our meal will get paid for." I thought he was just being stupid, he always says stupid things like that, that don't make sense. Well, lo and behold, we go inside and a member from my ward sees us. This member was supposed to feed us yesterday, but forgot and so had to cancel. When she saw us at Olive Garden she decided to make it up for us by paying for all of our meals. . . . Let me just say I was in shock. And as the subject line of this email suggest, we learned that "after the trail of your faith, your meal gets paid for" to incorrectly quote a scripture in Ether.

We had on awesome time on exchanges, teaching the Gospel to lots of people, losing car keys because the Lord didn't want us tracting, etc. It was a good day.

We planned all day Friday, then picked up a new investigator. This guy is crazy, I swear he's not sane. He's a nice guy though. He happened to stop by his house on his birthday, and told him that the spirit guided us there so we could give him the message of the gospel for his birthday. Of course I was joking... sort of. We taught this old guy the restoration and he committed to read the Book of Mormon. He was quite the talker though, it took a while to teach him this. We was a singer in a church quartet many years before he came here. He would start rambling about that and many other things before saying "Alright, I'll hush now, so what were you saying?" He said that so much, it was kind of funny. He's a great guy though, but enough of that, I'll hush now.

Friday night a recent convert aged 13 said the funniest thing. We were reteaching him the restoration and asked him, "when did joseph smith live?" to which he responded, "Till he died." I don't know why, but we found this so funny. He's a smart kid. None of his family are members, only him.

Saturday was a busy day. Saw TONS of people. One guy in particular is an old man we ran into on the street named feldmund. He's a funny interesting guy to talk to. He made this big deal about Wendy's frosty and told us to go get one with a coupon he sent us with. Told us to tell them that "the Wally Feldmund" sent us.

Sunday was an awesome day. It was my birthday, and my companion Elder King made a point to let everyone know. At all of our meetings and everything I got tons of birthday wishes cuz of him. We spent the day after church teaching a few people, having dinner with our Bishop, and then going to a fireside where recent converts told their conversion story. All around it was an awesome day serving the Lord, and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

This email is getting kind of long, so I'll end it here. But before I do, just let me say how important it is for all of us to do our part and do little things to come unto the Savior. Reading scriptures, praying, and going to church. Those are the three essential things to coming to the lord where we can find real joy and happiness unlike anything else. If you are consistent in doing those things everyday and every week, you will be so blessed. I was inspired by a member in my ward who has gone through so many hard times, many divorces, losing his job (heworks at dominoes now as a driver and he's like 50), and so much more, but he's so faithful. He told me he reads a chapter from the Book of Mormon everyday, and has been doing that for 24 years solid. If we could all just be diligent in those things, how blessed will we be.

Till next time guys, Tchau!


- Elder Chandler Efros


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