March 23, 2015

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Kally Efros

Another week - still gettin used to you being gone

It just doesn’t seem real. But it is.
You will always be my baby – sorry – but you are. And then Rachel is baby #2.
I miss you. I’m glad I got my hugs. I know you were sometimes really not into a momma hug – but well that is our right. ;)
I so enjoyed your letter! You sound great. District leader – well you are a leader.
I will get more organized with letters and pictures and stuff. I’m slowly catching up on a busy month. It is pretty crazy around here.
Dad is working on the deals with Menachem.
The mine still wants dad.
Business as usual at the store. We are budgeting as much as we can to have Julie come. But right now Menachem is paying her so dad can work on deals. Julie and her sister are going to rearrange the store even more for a more open feel and get our message out there better.

We took the kids rock hounding and found lots of fire agats. They had spring break last week. Riley went paint balling for a birthday party – he was hurting from getting shot at. But he had fun. The Robinson’s sold their house and are leaving – but staying in the valley. Riley didn’t do much last week because most of his friends were out of town for spring break. Rachel had more friends in town.

We had stake conference this weekend. It was great! Elder Switzer a GA over mission visa’s and mission health was our visiting GA. And because dad was released as a high councilman, we got to have dinner with the stake leaders and Elder Switzer. So he sat at our table and we got to talk to him for the whole hour. He said mission visas are not taking as long as they used to. He expects you’ll be in Porto Algre soon enough – he doesn’t see too long a delay. And he said there are great people down there in the area presidency and they have a new mission president called for down there – just not announced. I told him you were anxious that you started learn Portuguese the minute you got your call – he was impressed. Pres Sanders said here is the name E-F-R-O-S – go check on my boy and get him down there. Pres Sanders loves you.

I’ll send you a couple of highlights in a 2nd email.

The MTC is amazing at language training.

I’ll bet leadership meetings are interesting in the MTC – a whole new area. But what a great learning opportunity.

Where is he from the south?

Reminds you of Trevor? Fun for you.

Too bad you can’t jam on the guitar and he on the piano. I’ll bet you would have fun.

But a musical companion like yourself.

Sunday afternoon…. Talk to the temple???

Choir practice for General conference? Or for what?

How is the food prospects? Improving? I made Angela some pretty hot jerky to take back to China. I used worchestershire sauce, soy sauce, serachi sauce, salt and chipotle chile powder. It burned my eyes a little to be in the laundry room while it was drying. So I snatched a few pieces to send you.

I never knew about Dear Elder – Trevor never said anything.

Yes the Older Bro Nuttle is the councilor.

We got your physical letter the day after getting your email letter. LOL It was nice to see your hand writing.

Well cool about the vaccines.

I hope by now your caught up on sleep.

Eight hours – well – I know you have been getting more – you’ll survive. Maybe in the mission field you can catch an extra half hour – at your age your on the boarderof needing 8 to 9 hours. But with regular 8 hours – you’ll be great.

When you’re ready with other stuff, I’ll send you a package. Do you know how long in the MTC yet? I’ll be needing to send stuff off soon – it takes a good week.

I’m glad you’re enjoying the pillow. I want you to be comfy.

Chandler you’re going to be awesome! What an adventure. I will live through your eyes and letters. That is the joy of motherhood.

I miss you! I love you!!! I’m so excited for you. I’m excited because I know your going to grow leaps and bounds in so many ways.

I know this church is true and I know miracles happen. I know the Book of Mormon is a true book – powerful book and I know President Monson is a good man and a prophet of the Lord.

Love Mom

<b>I Love You!!!</b>



- Elder Chandler Efros

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