April 6, 2015

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Kally Efros

I wish you were all home, holidays with 2 now

I wish you were all home. Celebrating holidays with just 2 kids is going to take adjusting. It is weird. And I don't think Rachel even believes in the Easter bunny any more. Just as well, it is a silly tradition. However remembering the Savior and the real reason for Easter is a joy to me. I remember with great joy and happiness the many years of celebrating, Easter egg hunts, nice dinners and egg dying. So much has happened over the years. I am so grateful to Jesus Christ, for His teachings and His example of peace. I have joyfully listened to General conference and especially enjoyed the music of the Mormon Tabernacle choir. I listened an hour before conference this morning to the choir as well. So beautiful. We were going to sleep in, but dad, silly dad had his phone set wrong and we woke up on Mountain standard time, an hour earlier than we wanted.

I enjoyed a delicious juice I made from lemon, orange, Apple, pear, pineapple, celery, parsley from the garden, broccoli from the garden, and a bunch of lettuce from the garden, oh and lemon balm from the garden. It was good. We all drank that and enjoyed that.

In addition to tons of greens from the tower garden, the garden is growing greens that I don't have to plant including parsley, chard, kale, carrots. And the apricot tree is loaded and the fig tree is producing nicely, and we have apples coming on. For the first time plums and nectarines finally. Oh and artichokes, which we will have for dinner today.

Of course the kids had Easter baskets.

Since it is general conference we had our traditional crepes. They are easy to make with my crepe maker. And I soaked and sprouted my white wheat, then using naturally fermented starter, fermented the dough all night including the milk. This morning I added eggs and I had a perfect batter. They were so good. We had cream cheese filling and fresh strawberries with raspberries from bountiful baskets. I even made a homemade Nutella like spread using raw cacao, almond butter, coconut oil, coconut milk, molasses, and pecans and some milk.

Of course the kids gobbled them up.

Rachel still wants to dye eggs, so we are. I'm hoping these turn blue because we will soak them all day.

A lot has changed over the years since Daniel was born. I have not bought commercial egg dying kits in years and we use food to make naturally dyed beautiful eggs.

Great quote, "my attitude,my conduct on the Sabbath constituted a sign between me and God from president Nelson." I have always loved the Sabbath and the scriptures in Isaiah on the Sabbath and I'm enjoying his remarks on the Sabbath.

For the first time since the 70s, there was an opposing vote in the sustaining of the prophet and apostles. It looked as if it shook Pres. Uchtdorf. Weird. Where did you get to watch conference from? The MTC?

I loved all the conference talks. I hope you will get to listen and enjoy and read and study. Very inspiring and uplifting. No new doctrine, for me anyway, no big enlightening moments, just testimony building. At one point Elder Uchtdorf started conducting in German.

We are deep in planning for the resort in New York City, as that is moving forward with amazing possibilities. I will be directing the wellness portion and Lifeline focus. I have started writing plans down.and amazingly, our store and my developed philosophy of the 7 Simple Steps will be a key support. All things are lining up with amazing synchronicity. If we get this property, we will have a large home to use just for us and to live in. We will also keep the store in Safford and our home here so we can keep our business going and have a place to still live near family and escape the cold when we want. Oh the joy of living near New York, but in the country, it is in the middle of a large undeveloped area and it is public land and will not be developed. I am really excited.

I love you and I'm proud of you. Did you get your box? I will be sending another with more essentials. The stuff you listed that you wanted. So if you have more requests, let me know. What date are you supposed to be done at the MTC?

I hope you enjoy the pictures I sent. Don't forget to upload your MTC pictures, I'll send a link.

Oh. Lady came in the store and was bragging on how wonderful you are and was sorry she missed you.

Have a great week!
Love Mom



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