March 30, 2015

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Kally Efros

Well dad received a new calling today

Well dad received a new calling today, Ward Mission Leader. He has not had that calling before. And I was called to be a ward missionary. The interesting thing in the blessing is that we were both blessed to feel the spirit of missionary work from our sons to guide us and help us. That we would be able to receive council from you and send you council. It was interesting. But as Uncle Dustin placed his hands on my head to set me apart, I literally could feel the spirit of missionary work fill my heart, like the spirit opened my heart and filled the spaces with missionary work. I am still over music as well.

We have both had a ton of ideas to move that work forward. The bishop said specifically we were to be in charge of activities to foster missionary work and re activation. I just found out that after a member is baptized that half and other ward missionaries are supposed to teach the first 4 lessons from preach my gospel and then we are to also teach lesson 5. So I will now be studying Preach my gospel even more. I'm excited.

We can prepare activities and lessons that will help nurture new members, investigators, and inactive members.

It was basically a quiet week, but busy. Things are calming down a bit around here. Business is good, holding on. I filled a $900 order this week which really helped. Social media is catching on and more and more people are hearing about us.

Rachel can hardly wait to turn 12 and go to girls camp. Riley is doing well. He is at the awkward age of going on 14 years old, awkward physically, with his voice, mannerisms. But doing well. Because of our lifestyle we don't see as much teen age challenges and growing pains and stuff.

On another note, Friday night I was asked to teach Relief society lesson at the last minute. I had no time on Saturday to prepare. The lesson was a talk from the priesthood session last October, Wise Choices. I wasn't sure what I was going to do even this morning, Sunday morning. I took my shower after pondering and reading and while in the shower, I had a ton of ideas.

So I filled the table with items that are all good, soccer ball, scriptures, temple, the Savior, games, and more. I read Goldielocks and the 3 Bears. She had 3 choices, all good choices for someone else. But not her, she had to find the right choice for her. That is our task in life, good, better and best choices. What are the best choices? It turned out to be a great lesson. To make wise choices is a great learning event.

I'll share some highlights...

During the ministry of President Thomas S. Monson, he has often taught that decisions determine destiny. In that spirit my counsel tonight is to rise above any rationalizations that prevent us from making righteous decisions, especially with respect to serving Jesus Christ. In Isaiah we are taught we must “refuse the evil, and choose the good.”

Well we often don't have blatantly obvious evil choices, it is the small things we deal with.

We need unequivocal commitment to the commandments and strict adherence to sacred covenants. When we allow rationalizations to prevent us from temple endowments, worthy missions, and temple marriage, they are particularly harmful. It is heartbreaking when we profess belief in these goals yet neglect the everyday conduct required to achieve them.

My concern is not only about the big tipping-point decisions but also the middle ground--the workaday world and seemingly ordinary decisions where we spend most of our time. In these areas, we need to emphasize moderation, balance, and especially wisdom. It is important to rise above rationalizations and make the best choices.

One father wisely responds to his children with their numerous requests to participate in these distractions. He simply asks them, “Will this make you a better person?”

That is a good question to ask, Will this make me a better person?

When we rationalize wrong choices, big or small, which are inconsistent with the restored gospel, we lose the blessings and protections we need and often become ensnared in sin or simply lose our way.

This last quote from Elder Cook is awesome..
In all things we should remember that being “valiant in the testimony of Jesus” is the great dividing test between the celestial and terrestrial kingdoms.

We are adjusting to dad traveling more, he is going to New York again this week. Long days for him.

I'm so excited to hear general conference next week. Today we had the sister missionaries over for dinner and Riley had the great idea to make waffles, so we did. Only problem, one of the sisters had an allergy to strawberries. Luckily I had blackberries and syrup for her.

They are quiet missionaries, no fire and no spunk. I don't know.

Dad is going back to New York this week. So it will be easy to keep eating well. He'll be gone Monday night until Wednesday night.

I felt impressed to share my testimony today, it was a powerful testimony, not my words, I barely remember what I said. I shared how excited chandler is to be on a mission and how many non members he is writing to on his mission. I shared some other things but at this point the spirit was really more in charge of my words at this point. I just remember think I did t want to share my testimony because I was teaching relief society and playing the organ, but no, I guess I had words to share.

Other than weird dreams about blowing my diet eating ice cream, life is good. I keep having cramps in my foot so I started taking silica and using cell foods.

We'll have Ladies Night Out on Saturday night and do some fun special things. I'm going to sample our protein shakes and herbal tea and have drawing s for prizes. Julie will come and help me.

Rachel wants you to know, 2 more weeks until her birthday. She is a little bit excited. I'm trying to figure out what to get her.

I tried to figure out the dear elder thing, well I couldn't get it.

I love you tons! Mom


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