August 1, 2022


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Akwaaba Bosu how? I miss music. Just like my boy Mormon said "God ceaseth to be a God of miracles." Mormon 9:19This week was full of some epic miracles the Lord placed into our lives.its exactly what I've been praying for and I testify to you all that the Lord hears and answers prayers. Whether big or small no pray is ever unheard. I love the quote from Thomas S Monson " a man stands tallest on his knees."
We've been teaching these 2 men named Samuel and David. Samuel is our old man who has been so eager to learn about everything we teach. He's the type of dude that will throw his hands in the air and say " I give my whole body to Christ." The reason I say that is because he's does it... all the time haha. No issue we learning. He's impressed me with his humble character and strong faith. The other day we met him and david. David owns a block factory, a little roadside shop where they mix cement and make cinderblocks. The economy in Ghana has taken a huge blow and inflation is way wild right now. People are struggling and David hasn't had work all week. While closing the lesson we prayed for them to be supported in their business so they could take care of their families. We closed and came back the next day and the first thing  Old man Sam said to me was Elder loving your prayer worked. After you guys left, somebody called and placed an order for the blocks. We haven't had business all week until you guys came around and prayed for it. I couldn't stop smiling. Here was something I didn't think much of but Samuel saw it as the Lords hand, and truly it was.  While contacting 2 weeks ago, I had a strong prompting to go to this one house. We hadn't had any success and were eager to bless someone. I followed the prompting and went to the place I was commanded to go. There, we met 4 guys who were very uninterested. I don't know what happened but we just stayed. My feet seemed to not be able to move and words were just flowing from my mouth. We had a reason for being there and we weren't going to leave that easily. They were softened and began to ask some real serious questions and really loved the answers we gave. One of them, King, the owner of the house, invited us back and we met him this last Saturday. That same day his mother, not a member of the church but very religious, traveled from the Volta region to come see him with the intent to help him find God. She has always tried to force him but King has never once been to church because church, in Africa, is a business. Pastors are deceiving people for money all in the name of Jesus Christ and he wants no part of it. His mother has prayed so deeply for God to guide him and the day she came to help him was the day we found him. She was beyond grateful for us and wanted us to baptise him on the spot lol. He told us during our meeting, he has long awaited the day that God would show him the right way. He hasn't joined any church because he doesn't want to feel deceived and have to then go find a different one. He said the fact he even allowed us to come back was because his spirit told him something and maybe, just maybe, this was the time God was to lead him to the truth. we stressed that God won't make decisions for us but will help us make the right ones. We invited him to church and he came! He was stoked, I think he enjoyed it because it wasn't anything like the other churches that just scream into microphones and shake on the floor. 
We decided to go contact in a super bushy part of our area. Houses seem to be super scarce on that side but we still decided to go and explore/meet some of our people. We were around this area, with returning appointments, for a couple days out of this week. We met a man who was carrying around a sling shot. Alot of people carry them around, especially the village boys to shoot at birds, Bush rats, rabbits, etc. To make some small talk I asked what he was using it for. Everything I previously mentioned was his response, except for one thing: snakes. Now I've seen some snakes, but nothing too gnarly. He had said how he uses it for protection against some of the snakes out here and then pulls out his phone to show us a snake some of the locals killed recently. A 12 foot anaconda and If your wondering yes, killed in the same place we were roaming. I had no clue anacondas were even in Ghana but now I know. Sadly I never saw it in person but from what the man said and the picture it took 2 grown men to carry the thing away. The event isn't as cool as if I saw it in person but I share it to show how the Lord protects and is mindful of his people. 
I've been reading all the most recent conference talks out of the church mag Liahona and it makes me so hyped for the upcoming conference. I've noticed the prominent theme of being a valiant disciple of Jesus Christ. President Russell M Nelson has taught us " to increase our spiritual capacity to receive revelation," warning that "it will not be possible to survive spiritually without the guiding, directing, comforting, and constant influence of the Holy Ghost." I love this because everyday as a missionary I'm heartbroken that so many cannot hear or know the voice of the Lord. To all of you who I love, please dont be another heartbreak for Elder Loving. Learn and Know the sound of his voice. In these days, we must "put on the armor of God (Ephesians 6:11) and "separate ourselves from the wicked" (Alma 5:57) so that we can know his voice when he calls.
Thanks for listening Chale. I invite you to go listen or read the conference talks. This last conference was so memorable and the messages are straight from our Father. 
Did Adam have a belly button? Lemme knowNyame shra wo
LaterElder Loving 


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