July 18, 2022


Klagon, Accra, Ghana


Van Buren Boys

Most rejection I've ever received my whole mission. That was last week for you in one sentence. Chale I dey tell you. Ayikuma people are different than all the previous areas I've been in. Let me set something straight: Ghana is a country that has not forgotten God. Finding people to teach is as easy as throwing a rock into a lake. I could go up to anybody and ask them if they're interested in talking about God or Jesus and we could sit down right then and there and dicuss a few things. Even for those who aren't interested, they'll still give you the time or their contacts for you to return because Africans hate to offend people. They believe because we've been sent by God, they have to give us all their time, attention, and respect. Thats truth for all Ghana, except for Ayikuma. People here actually say NO. Its been the biggest shock to me. Masa Asem-o. But Aye Chale God no go shame us-o.
Our acceptance in ayikuma hasn't been the best. I've made an effort to talk to everyone but everyone just sucks. Just messing but seriously the discouragement has been major. Everyday is just straight contacting with little to no success. I guess that's what we get for being the first missionaries to ever set foot in this place. That or its the little gods people have under their beds. Not sure 
We've been relying on the members so much and they've been so clutch for us. The people we are already so quickly progressing with have all been referrals. 
There's been alot of talk about the people living in the area. I guess the thieves here are running wild. Theyll stick magnets on long sticks and snatch phones or any other valuable thing from the outside of peoples windows. Everyone says the boys living here are criminals and I thought of the boys back home @vanburenboys. Nah just kidding yall are great, I'll let you cut in line at first rotation anytime. 
As we were biking around the area, I got tired of sitting down on the bike seat and took a nice standing position as I peddled. We passed by this Ganja man that smelt like bong resin and he gave me a nice slap on the booty before he crossed the street. I turned around to look at him and he was just smiling ear to ear. I wanted to ask if he liked what he felt but it seemed a little inappropriate so I held my peace. 
Elder Temple showed me how to make these plantain beans and they are so fire. I've eaten them for a straight week. Only downside is the smell of the apartment. Temple said maybe that's why nobody wants to meet with us. 
We had zone conference this week and it was probably the most enlightened I've ever been. Elder klëibengot of the area presidency really opened my 3rd eye. I felt like I was seeing into the universe or something. Not really but the guy is an amazing teacher. He has enough scriptural knowledge to mow down anyone who would ever try to criticise the church. I gave a contribution during the conference talking about how the first fruits of repentance being baptism, which I quoted from some good Scripture, but without the reference. He stares at me and goes," where do we learn that?" I had no clue from memory but after I got drilled by a general authority, Moroni 8:25 will never leave my memory. 
Scripture study is a Latter Day survival skill. If you've got problems ask yourself 1. When's the last time I prayed 2. When's the last time I read my scriptures. Its life saving grommet go and do.  I've been making my Scripture study and prayers way more meaningful and I have a better testimony of how our Father hears and answers prayers. It's in his own time, but he does answer. I've prayed to see his will and witness the miracles that come and they've been all over the place in the work. I've prayed extra hard to rely on him more because my whole life I've always relied to much on myself and I've seen he has blessed me with experiences and circumstances that make me rely on him more. How great thou art Chale, how great tgou art. 
That's allLook to God and Live, let God prevail, make time for the Lord


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