July 11, 2022


Klagon, Accra, Ghana



Hows it kooksI may have overhyped Dodowa a couple emails ago because Ayikuma is way sweeter. It's small and way less developed, the way I like it. It's a little less crazy, not by much in Ghana standards, which gives me some peace of mind.  I'm convinced that in 3 months we'll have talked to everyone in the village. There's no market, one main road, and one main junction. This place is so beautiful though and has some epic views. The branch is made up of about 20 people. I was asked to pass the sacrament on Sunday and I did it alone. They only needed me and I only used one tray, both water and bread. Wildin
We moved, we dey for ayikuma now. When we moved to ayikuma, we rode in a one door flatbed moving truck upfront with the driver. (Random ik but important info) This Chale driving the moving van was talking like he was hot stuff or something. He went on and on about his family owning alot of land and such. Come to find out he is hot stuff because he's the Chief of Dodowa. More than just dodowa alone also areas including ayikuma. It was nuts, I've always heard of the chiefs but never met one before. Not very special but still. We rolled up to a police traffic stop where a military officer pulled us over and the chief goes, "he doesn't realise its me." The officer said he was going to arrest the driver for having someone in the bed of the truck but when he walked up to the drivers window and saw who it was, he gave him an apology and we were on our way. Imma baptise the man just wait hah. 
We spoke with our ward mission leader, brother Robert Kassah, such a stud, and he was asking us how the first day of proselyting went. We were telling him that it was pretty normal but honestly haven't felt well recepted. He wasn't surprised and told us how the locals aren't very church, or even God oriented. He said most of the indigens worship personal idols, shrines, or their own little gods. They make little sacrifices or do rituals as forms of worship. Not even a day later we meet this guy and he goes, "this man needs Jesus, tell him to throw his hands in the air and surrender himself. He thinks it's his shrine that is blessing him not God." Uh OK dood. That'll make things a little more difficult here but we're gonna work with it. Gnarly stuff  You guys know fireflies exist? I may sound like a kwasia (fool) but I thought it was some wives-tale. no shot they actually are real. At night out in the bush you can see all these little flickers of green/yellow lights. It's a cool scene to see all the little dancing lights. Like mother nature is throwing a rave. My comp said in Nigeria they call them stars. 
Im very happy to say that Sister Patience Adzawoloo has accepted to be baptised. We left the area last week Wednesday but ain't no way I was leaving the area without inviting her to be baptised first, so we left ayikuma and went back to Dodowa with the new elders on Thursday to invite her. It's a beautiful thing to see someone have a mighty change of heart from the gospel. The joy that comes from being a small part of the process is so great and so sweet. I hope all you youngsters have the desire to feel it one day too by serving a mission. But ya Stoked, before we invited her to be baptised we offered her husband, Ebenezer, a blessing for his crippling knee. "I didn't even know you could do that", he said. Patience then gives him a very sharp passive aggressive comment back saying," ah! Of course they can, they have the authority of Jesus Christ. They are like the apostles."I took that as a compliment. 
As a missionary, one of the greatest scriptures that motivates me is Alma 26. What I've learned very well in the lord's work is that "The only effort wasted, is the one not given." ^I'm claiming that by the way, that's totally mine. Put an  -Elder Loving all over that thing. No but honestly I love that quote. It was pure revelation given to me as I read this chapter.  I have had the scripture 2 nephi 26:33 bouncing on my brain for the past week. "All are alike unto God." When I look back on my life I see all the cultures I've experienced and I cant help but see the love our Father has for all of his children. From the people of Asia, to the children of Africa, and to the abuelas of Mexico, we are all alike unto Him. 
To all the Groms: Study the Book of Mormon, know the doctrinal mastery scriptures, and make seminary your best friend. As president Russell M Nelson said, "MAKE TIME FOR THE LORD." Slow down and put Him first. 


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